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APEX - SciFi - Very Early Demo V0.01 - WIN - DK2

jmorris142jmorris142 Posts: 83
edited September 2014 in Showcase
Hey, Here is something I have been working on specifically for VR after getting my DK2 a few weeks ago.

Even though everything is planned out, It's early on so a good time to get feedback, so please let me know any ideas and thoughts.

Hope you like and please check out the readme file for more detailed info.

Apex Demo V0.01

Controls Keyboard/Mouse
Walk = w,a,s,d
Run = +shift
Battle Helm = Mouse 4
Fire Lazer with BattleHelm active = Left Click
Item Menu = Mouse 4

Control Budo
Right Click = Follow/Stay
Left Click = Attack enemy
Middle Mouse = ?
Shift = Sit/Stand

Known Issues
.Mouse pointer will not stick to window and can click on desktop also. Not
sure how to solve this so if anyone can help me there I would be very
grateful. (I'm Using Unity and Playmaker)

.Characters not fully skinned/animated correctly
.All FX temp all artwork temp.

.Cross hair will randomly disapear

.Most collision not final in levels (As I will probably change them)

.Missing 1st person arms and body (On the way but I removed my early
versions for this demo)

.All textures at basic unfinished stage

[email protected]


  • having that huge guy there in VR works well. That was fun, Ill keep an eye out for updates
  • Awesome, glad you liked it, thanks for trying it out and for the feedback. Yes, the first time I saw him standing there in VR at that scale, It felt right and cool somehow. I in next version he gets his own battle gear that he uses when you use your's. You operate as a team and command him to attack, pick up things etc. I'll have a new version of this in a few weeks.
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