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Question about latest firmware

VercciVercci Posts: 85
edited October 2014 in General
I've seen a few topics related to this recently, but they've all been slanted toward helping the OP instead of telling me what I need.

My DK2 should be here in a matter of hours. Is the latest firmware (I believe it's 0.4.2) actually stable and not going to brick my DK2? Or should I use an older version until it gets fixed, and if so which one.

[edit]Seems I mixed up the version numbers.. Still, is v2.12 safe for the Rift or should I downgrade.
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  • erickerick Posts: 125
    Hiro Protagonist
    It isn't the firmware that might brick a device, it's the write process. Though, most devices these days have a backup.

    That said, I've never had an issue with the update process but I'll try to pass along what I've noticed. I think I've only seen one person claim that their device was bricked. Most people appear to simply have a problem getting the update process to work.

    If the update fails, I can't say for sure what safeguards Oculus have in place. Although, from talking to the person reporting his device was bricked, it did at least sound like the device could boot into the firmware update mode. So, I suspect they have some sort of recovery procedure if the update fails.

    You may want to contact Oculus support to ask if they have a recovery process.
  • cyberealitycybereality Posts: 26,156 Oculus Staff
    The Rift is pretty fault-tolerant in terms of failed flashes. We do tests where we literally pull the USB cable mid-flash and it recovers. I wouldn't be worried.
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  • Mine got screwed after 2.12 update, but support reports to be a software issue which will be fixed soon. :) I'm gonna get another one (used) for my brother, which is working in 2.10 allright. I'm wondering if it is safe to update to 2.11, as 2.12 is the one that I keep hearing issues with.
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