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I need a touch screen laptop: is this enough?

imaginarysrlimaginarysrl Posts: 3
edited September 2014 in General
Hello everyone,

this is my first post here. My DK2 has just arrived and i've found out that my actual laptop hasn't the capabilities to run what i'm building with Unity.
Basically is a matter of dual GPU and the impossibility of bypassing the HDMI output signal of the intel HD 4000.

Anyway, i'm planning to buy another laptop but the most important feature i need (after the oculus displaying capabilities of course) is the touch screen.
I've found this Asus notebook:

ASUS - N550JK Monitor 15.6" Touch Intel Core i7-4710HQ Ram 16GB Hard Disk 1TB NVIDIA GeForce GTX850M 4GB DVD±RW 3xUSB 3.0 Windows 8.1

Is this enough to run application with Unity and Oculus Rift?
I'm not going to build prototypes with complex and heavy shading, i just need a notebook that can handle what i'm doing at the maximum fps possible and at 75 Hz to get the best VR experience.

I know that for development is better to have a desktop but i need a showcase laptop that's also touch screen.

Thanks in advance and sorry for the long post.


  • erickerick Posts: 125
    Hiro Protagonist
    It should be more than fine for development but it sounds like you also want to do testing. It depends too heavily on the complexity of your scene and experience.

    Whether or not that hardware is enough is entirely up to you.
  • Thanks for the reply!
    I know that's all depends from the polycount, the shaders and the lighting (static vs. dynamic).

    The real thing i need to understand is if i'm going to face a dual gpu issue (basically a not 75 herz output to oculus problem) or not.

    Have you any experience regarding this issue?

    Anyway, thanks again!
  • ceglicegli Posts: 436
    An 850m has roughly 1/3rd the power of the 980m. On the upside, if you manage to develop a game that works on the 850m, then it will be quite well optimized.

    If the computer has "Optimus" then you will have problems running in direct mode. You'd have to double check that.
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