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totallyinto69totallyinto69 Posts: 100
edited December 2014 in General
Hello, Can someone here that owns a DK2 and have used the HMZ-T2 or either own one tell me how they compare? I've had the HMZ-T2 for the past 2 years and it's the best 800 bucks i've ever spent, i made a few mods for the straps and it's totally comfortable and stays exactly in place. I wanted to know how much more immersive the DK2 is, I use the trackir with the HMZ-T2 and play lots of racing and flight sims, to me it's the most immersive experience compared to even using a 130 inch screen on 1080p 3d projector. I also have the Mag 2 gun controller and use that with fps shooters, Every time I play with it I'm still like OMG! I can't believe how precise and realistic this gun controller is with the HMZ-T2. If you do not have one of these and own the DK2 you are missing out and it's been around for like 2 years or so. I've heard so many things about the resolution not being that great. I know with the HMZ-T2 i can read the smallest text. I hear lots of talk that having a huge FOV far outweighs the resolution problem, I just don't want to waste 350 bucks, when i purchased the HMZ-T2 i was very worried i wouldn't like it at all, but now i use it everday in place of my projector and pc monitor. I'm not for sure I understand why this technology hasn't advanced quicker, I remember back in 1996 I purchased the Virtual I-O goggles and for that time it had a very smooth headtracker built in and was pretty good for that time. Any help would be appreciated.


  • WalkyWalky Posts: 357
    Brain Burst
    Headsets like the HMZ-T2 just show a screen in front of you (not VR by any means). The Rift, on the other hand, is real VR: it literally fools your brain and makes you feel like you are in another place (it's not a "private TV"). For example, characters in a game will appear to be your height and to actually be in front of you in a "real" physical space. This is why content must be created specifically for the Rift in order for it to be an optimal experience.

    I recommend that you look for someone who owns a Rift and try it first hand, once you try it you'll instantly understand why they are two completely different products.
  • HiThere_HiThere_ Posts: 1,278
    You might want to check out the Samsung Gear VR too, which is coming out "many months, but not years" before the Rift.

    And consider reselling your HMZ-T2 before that Samsung Gear VR turns it into a museum piece :)
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