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Built in autoforce HD option for the Rift?

DivineNebulaDivineNebula Posts: 35
edited May 2015 in General
I know some of us don't have HD monitors and I've seen this done before with game consoles but IDK how it will work with the Oculus Rift. Is it possible for the Oculus to have built in HD if your computer can support it? Like maybe make an autoforce option that forces the Oculus Rift to turn on HD. I know some people might not agree with this idea but I have seen people make stuff like HD converters for game consoles like the Wii but is it possible to do this with the Rift VR headmount any thoughts on how to get this idea to further so people can enjoy the Rift in HD? I know I'm also discussing this on Yahoo Answers to see what people think of an autoforce HD option.

P.S. I know we all don't want to stay with poor quality when we play the Rift so is this a future idea for the Rift if we convince the programmers?

Also an example of converting a non HD console into HD. ... +Converter


  • WalkyWalky Posts: 357
    Brain Burst
    It seems you have a misconception of how both the Rift (or displays in general) and upscalers work, so let me explain:

    The Rift has a fixed resolution (which is HD, actually, and will most likely higher than standard HD in the commercial version to be released on Q1 2015), that's a physical limit and no matter how much hardware you put in between you will not get more pixels. To be fair, the DK1 and DK2 (800p and 1080p) use the same screen for both eyes, effectively halving the resolution per eye, but focusing on this defeats the purpose of what I'm about to clarify. The reasons the resolution is perceived as low is because of the field of view: while a TV/monitor might use for example 15-30 degrees of your vision, the Rift uses many times that field of view, which means that each pixel will look much bigger.

    Now, what most upscalers do is get a low resolution image (e.g. 480p) and process it as a 1080p (or other) resolution, some with more image processing than others. This is useful for TVs that do bad quality scaling (some do a relatively fine job depending on the source), and some might have lower latency which help reduce perceived controller lag (modern TVs usually have a "game mode" setting with minimal image processing in order to reduce lag). Upscalers can also help with some modern TVs that might just not take an older signal correctly (e.g. no image or a frozen frame). Upscalers will not do magic to a low resolution signal converting a DVD into Bluray quality. Advanced (and expensive!) upscaler such as the Framemeister can do marvels with low resolution signals by using image filters so they look good on a modern TV, but this will not increase the source's resolution and will not increase the resolution of your TV/Rift/etc.

    As an example, the dongle from the Amazon link will take the highest resolution the Wii can take (480p) and deliver a 1080p signal (with no native 1080p content) to your TV, which might look better than usual if your TV's upscaler is sub par. It might make the image crispier in a good case scenario, but GameCube's Wind Waker will not look as good as WiiU's Wind Waker on a 1080P screen even if you use a $2000 upscaler, just as the latter will not look 1080p on a lower resolution screen even if using such hardware.
  • So does the Oculus already have HD in it or not without having to connect an HDMI cord?
  • kojackkojack Posts: 6,474 Volunteer Moderator
    So does the Oculus already have HD in it or not without having to connect an HDMI cord?
    The only video input to the DK2 is HDMI, so technically a HDMI cord must be connected (although you could use an adapter on it to connect to DVI/VGA/DP), but that has nothing to do with HD.

    The DK2 res is always 1080p, so it does have "HD in it".

    However that doesn't mean the image source (the game/demo/etc) is sending 1080p. It usually is though, 99% of the time.
    (There's circumstances like certain graphics engines using Direct To Rift mode with a mirror window on a monitor less than 1080p that result in an upscale by the oculus driver).
  • MradrMradr Posts: 3,853 Valuable Player
    So does the Oculus already have HD in it or not without having to connect an HDMI cord?
    My brain hurts o.o RAMs anyone?

    Either way, yes ~ "HD" will be force so long as you have a way to render true HD. HD isn't a "thing" just a "bar" (720p+).
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