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Oculus or Vive, I am leaning toward...

reptilexcqreptilexcq Posts: 68
edited June 2015 in General
I am leaning toward VIVE and the reason is because I don't want to play VR with a traditional controller. I am sure 3rd person games are great with Xbox controller but you can always do that with the Vive too. The fact that Oculus doesn't even include a Touch controller when they ship the product is a downer. I mean developers might not even develop games for them since they realize nobody is owning a Touch controller. I hate the fact that Oculus camera is not as accurate as Lighthouse and they emphasize a seated game play which mean they only ship with one camera and if you want to prevent any sort of occlusion, then you need buy another camera. And not to mention, their system doesn't support walking around with invisible wall integration. They even said it...they say they don't know about full room support. Basically, their cameras suck when it come to full room scale VR because it is just not as accurate and have the ranges like Lighthouse. But if you're person satisfied with just seated experience, then Oculus is the obvious choice, but i am not. I think VR is meant to be played and walked around like you're REALLY there. That's why Lighthouses is expensive. In terms of contents, most of them from Oculus i seen so far are NOT that interesting. Most of them are 3rd person games which have you control it using Xbox controllers, not the way to introduce VR to the world. And i look at VIVE's contents, they have some cools game like Arizona Sunshine, Assembly, Adr1ft, Tilt Brush, Blu, Google Earth and not to mention more from Steam. And who's to say that any contents play on Oculus can't be hacked and use them for Vive? This is PC format and there is no such thing as exclusive. If they ever talk about exclusive, it is probably between them and Morpheus. As far as control...some think the Touch control is amazing but you still have to press the button to control your virtual hands. It is no difference than Vive's controller. They added fingers gestures and stuffs but they're limited and you're not able to do anything you want with your hands anyway. I think the future of VR input is not there yet and it should probably involve a glove or something that allow you to do whatever you want with your hands with no limitation. So to summarize, the BIGGEST reason i don't want Oculus is because they don't support full scale room VR. As far as other stuffs like lighter headset, 3D audio and better optic, i am sure Valve is not done yet. They had already said they're going to improve and exceed in everything in the consumer headset. So the Valve's headset is possibly much much better than the Oculus when the final specs is revealed. One thing i am hoping for is "eye tracking," that will be cool to have that or even hap-tic suite or even modify their control to have more buttons and include thumbsticks.


  • CalanarCalanar Posts: 706
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    Well thanks for letting us know. Enjoy VR!
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  • genetransfergenetransfer Posts: 605
    Hiro Protagonist
    yeah do what's best for you, just be open and not brand loyal just because (even though valve do kick but and are a great influence in ways to do things) I think both hmd's will be similar spec wise being both would be using the best they can with tech available today.

    Oculus releasing with gamepad just makes sense at the minute, especially with devs building content for mouse+keyboard and gamepads (over the last few years) without having a reliable option for motion input so you'll looking at a " lets add it because we can now" rather than making the whole experience based on hand motion being guaranteed and a hmd from the beginning. while vive may have some titles built from the ground up for use with the controllers I hope they have replay value as pet rock might happen pretty quickly if there isn't numerous content or at least not gimmicky done as an afterthought (being it wasn't a root possibility).

    I must say I'm in love with the oculus touch, and the cameras are more than adequate for most peoples current space constraints (I live and work in my bedroom for instance - sucks but most people won't have the space dedicated to vr). And it really will take something special to actually play standing up, it will be fun to try at first but if the content isn't engaging enough being seated is most likely going to be the default, after excitement has died down - and after the last few years I do realize the experience will have to step it up to get me out of the chair - but I'm open to it.

    don't worry most devs will support both (and any that have a great easy to work with api) anyway so we will all be able to share the same content what ever brand is chosen for the most part.
  • snappaheadsnappahead Posts: 2,302
    Yeah, thankfully I don't see a bad choice here. It's win/win from everything I've seen. I'm getting a Vive because I'm dying to get consumer level VR, it looks great and it comes out first. If they launched on the same day, that would take some thinking..well if they launched on the same day and Oculus included Touch I mean. In time I'll hopefully have both and Morpheus. VR is amazing and I don't want to miss anything.
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  • schmeltzerschmeltzer Posts: 298
    I am leaning towards both.
  • LKostyraLKostyra Posts: 263
    Personally I lean towards CV1. Not because of brand loyalty, but because I know what to expect from Oculus being a DK1/DK2 user. I think using CV1 will be easier for me, because everything Oculus-related is already set up on my PC. The specs are more or less the same, except for positional tracking, which probably will make the Rift cheaper than Vive (probably, it is just a prediction from my side). It will be better to pay less for the same headset and have more money for a new GPU, since upgrade will probably be necessary for my PC...
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  • obzenobzen Posts: 713
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    edited June 2015
    I'm not entirely certain about Valve's commitment to hardware. To me, they seem rather casual. Great for R&D, not so sure when you have to handle and support millions of devices. Reminds me of Microsoft. In the hardware market, out of the hardware market. Back in the hardware market...

    TBF, Oculus is rather new, and I'm expecting some bumps at launch. But then again, their entire business is VR, and if it's good enough for Carmack and Abrash, it's good enough for me.

    TL;DR, as far as the devices are concerned, they both look pretty good. I expect some snags at launch from both companies, especially in the CS department, due to inexperience / casualness.
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  • DaftnDirectDaftnDirect Posts: 6,507 Volunteer Moderator
    I'm standing straight, I don't see the point in leaning until Vive hands-on reviews come in with side-by-side comparisons with CV1.... and also there's the small matter of cost and likely game support for both devices, then I'll lean.
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  • WelbyWelby Posts: 1,065 Oculus Start Member
    I'm leaning toward Oculus CV1 for different kind of reason.

    I Agree that Vive could be better in some ways but it's EVENTUALLY worse in some other and already worse for sure in other things.

    VIVE Pros:

    1) Better and more precise tracking

    2) Solid room scale experience

    3) Eventually better display of the CV1 (However it's gonna be even more expensive with a better screen..)

    4) It will have bundled the controllers + light houses at launch

    Oculus Pros:

    1) EXTREMELY light and comfortable (I know Vive is not consumer yet.. but is still definetely not sure that they're gonna have the same comfort and weight)

    2) Overall good and already sure visual clearity and quality (almost no pixellation)

    3) In theory,should be much cheaper than Vive

    4) The oculus touch seems better than the Vive controllers. They seems lighter,more compact and comfortable,and even if they've just "basic gestures" they've something more than Vive.. and they're still prototype so they could be improved even more.

    5) Even if the room scale experience is better on Vive,i'm DEFINITELY happy to know that Oculus will give us the chance to have room scale experience with 2 cameras. I'm not worry about occlusion issues cause if i put two cameras on the opposite angle of the room i'm probably not going to have occlusion issues.

    6) Oculus will probably have more games at launch

    7) Iribe and Nate have spoke about something "more to know" in the time to come.. I think they're gonna talk about the standing + room scale experience in the next months.. and some cool stuff could be revelead.

    However i think both headset are pretty similar and if i should do a vote to both they have almost the same number.. each of them for different reasons..

    So.. the price definitely play an huge role here,and i'm definitely happy with a 400$ maximum price.
  • tamontetamonte Posts: 291
    Both sound really promissing, and like mentioned before, I don't think either will be a bad choice. This will likely be aonther PS3 vs XBOX360, both won...

    With that said I'm probably gonna wait until CV1/Touch launch before I make my choice,
  • MrMonkeybatMrMonkeybat Posts: 640
    Brain Burst
    I am currently leaning Vive. The latest show of Oculus seems to of just caught up to the Vive DK with a bit of consumer polish. Looks like lighthouse is still more accurate than cameras, don't know how long the USB cables those cameras plug in with can be either, while lighthouse just plugs into the wall saving USB3 slots on my computer. The advantage Oculus seems to have right now is gesture tracking and that seems a bit simpler than I first thought. So unless the ergonomics or price of the Vive CV really sucks that is the direction I am probably going to go. A lighthouse is a pretty simple device I think it is going to be allot cheaper than most think.
  • RoTruRoTru Posts: 34
    Brain Burst
    After this E3 it's obvious if Vive launches this year it will be launching with very little support, and essentially you'll be in the same situation people were in at the DK2 launch - lots of problems and little software
  • ThreeDeeVisionThreeDeeVision Posts: 2,087
    I am leaning towards the Vive because they have provided a better standard VR input solution and got it in the hands of developers. The Touch will be at least a year behind Vive in terms of input development when they finally release the Touch dev kits mid next year. In order for developers to create the VR experiences we have been dreaming about, they need proper hardware to program against.

    Knowing the Vive developers have proper input is a huge deal. You can bet they aren't wasting time creating rehashed 3rd person games because they have been given proper input from the get go. For VR, input is every bit as important as the HMD itself. The Vive controllers will also allow support for traditional games, so they can support all the 3rd person gamepad content as well.

    We also need to see how many walls are around these gardens. Valve has traditionally been a very open ecosystem, offering their tracking solution and game engine to anyone. Oculus seems to be going a different direction, showing many exclusive titles. If I had to choose between a bunch of rehashed 3rd person gamepad content and a few made for VR experiences, I would go for the VR experiences every time.
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  • VizionVRVizionVR Posts: 3,022
    What? I can't buy both?
    I guess if I have to choose I'll pick...the best one.
    By the way, I must say this thread is V)ery I)nformative and V)irtually E)njoyable.
    Not a Rift fanboi. Not a Vive fanboi. I'm a VR fanboi. Get it straight.
  • SharpfishSharpfish Posts: 1,310
    If we are taking a straw poll on current 'leanings' then chalk me up for a Vive (if I could only have one) based on gut feeling and a little voodoo (wishful thinking).

    In favour of the rift I am liking the idea of its comfort and ergonomics but something about the Vive (in theory) just hits me right, including robust tracking, standard VR controls for ALL, Steam and Open VR vs OculusHome(FACEBOOK) and closed walls, and Valve behind it and what that could mean for VR IP down the line.

    I think valve have been doing a lot in quiet rather than shouting about it so maybe they'll have little content but it could be GREAT content (ie not 3 third person platformers played via gamepad) - we waited 20 years for VR so I'd give my $$$ to the company that gives me quality (1 GREAT VR experience with control, room tracking, walking and great graphics) over 100 casual type games that happen to run well... you know what I'm saying? I'm not buying VR to just be entertained, I'm buying it to be blown away and I think Valve may be in a better position to do that with what they have.

    tl;dr? Vive... but will also consider CV1 (and if cheap enough will surely be buying one too but maybe only after Touch is available).

    All this could change if Valve release some unsavoury news nearer launch time (ie the CV HMD weighs 2kg or something)
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  • GeorgioGeorgio Posts: 28
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    It's good for developers to have competition, it keeps them sharp and willing to please and ultimately it's us the consumer that wins.
    I would imagine that we are due another monumental Nvidia vs AMD / VHS vs Betamax (look it up kids) / GM vs Ford struggle for dominance which will see-saw backwards and forwards for a few years with new innovations being introduced every year.
    Guaranteed that people in 10 years will look back to the CV1 and Vive head-sets and be amazed that anyone actually used them for anything... :D
  • MoeCappMoeCapp Posts: 115
    For home users I'd suggest waiting until both HMDs are actually out in their final designs and then looking at the price and software situation. Sure the Vive is coming a little sooner but will still probably face the issue of not having a ton of software ready for it, so waiting a few extra months for CV1 isn't a big deal from that perspective. Unless Valve/HTC surprise everyone with a huge ton of exclusive software available at release time, I see no reason to rush into it.

    The Vive may end up being a preferred choice for Mac/Linux users with Oculus seemingly focused on Windows, or may be a better price point after CV1 drops and there's no way yet to tell if and what software will be exclusive to either HMD, or if that ends up being an issue at all. Hopefully the majority of software will be able to run fine on either unit in the long run, though there could be a few exclusive titles that swing favor in one way or the other.

    For me personally I am pre-ordering and getting the CV1 and Touch for sure, As a VR geek I may pick up a Vive depending on everything from price or necessity for testing stuff in Unity. I love the DK2, I think it's awesome as is and its great for developing. As an end user I'm actually more concerned about available full software titles at this time than the improvements of hardware, though those will be welcome. I'm liable to eventually grab a PS4 and Morpheus as well just for games that won't be available on PC.
  • snappaheadsnappahead Posts: 2,302
    Nope..buying a VIve as soon as humanly possible.
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  • willstewillste Posts: 675
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    I am not sure why people seem to think the screen will be better on Vive. All indications seem to point to them using the exact same screen. Same rez, both Oled, both 90 Hz. From Oculus we know these are proprietary Samsung OLEDs not currently on the market.

    HTC sources screens from Samsung so they probably worked out a way to also get the same kind of screen. While optics and orientation make a difference I think we can expect near parity on screen quality unless HTC really fucks up.

    In the end Vive's success will really come down to whether their room level games work as well at home as they did in their demos. While I love the idea of room level, I am still not convinced that playing a room sized game with a cable attached to your head wont be a bitch.

    Cable management and content to match Vive's vision are going to be critical factors in its success. I personally don't want to hang a super long DP + USB cable from the ceiling running to my computer but if it gives you a holodeck it may be worth it. Also it is still unclear how much more expensive light house will be. It may be more extreme than we think, its a very complex solution to manufacture compared to IR and camera tracking. Still it will be exciting to see Valves reveal.
  • ChivasChivas Posts: 206
    Nexus 6
    I'm currently leaning toward the Rift, because the price will probably be cheaper, as I don't require inputs for flight sims, and the flight sims I want to fly are currently only supporting the Rift.

    BUT if I were interested in other sims/games IMHO the Rift inputs appear to be better suited for more games than Vive's wands, especially with its finger dexterity, and hand communication.

    As far as the headset specs are concerned it looks like both will be quite similar. Although from listening to Palmer's info on their custom lenses, I have a hunch the Rifts optics may turn out to be better than Vive's.

    I may buy the Vive aswell if there are any sims/games supported that I might be interested in, but haven't seen any yet.
  • VizionVRVizionVR Posts: 3,022
    Okay, so here's the count (as close as I could figure)
    Vive = 8
    Rift = 6
    Both = 2
    undecided = 5
    Not a Rift fanboi. Not a Vive fanboi. I'm a VR fanboi. Get it straight.
  • Hiro_Protag0nistHiro_Protag0nist Posts: 5,008 Valuable Player
    Atmos73 wrote:
    I'm going with Vive as they'll be first to market with a complete package at launch for a true VR experience. Oculus's HMD will be launched late and their VR controller launched even later.

    From the HMD, controllers, Lighthouse, Steam Interface, backwards compatibility with existing games, development of some AAA in house games. Vive IMO will be hard to beat.

    Are you sure about that?
  • Malkmus1979Malkmus1979 Posts: 763
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    I think this is a silly poll to take at the moment because as we get closer to launch so many things will have changed. But I've been on record as saying I will get both and still intend to.
  • cyberealitycybereality Posts: 26,156 Oculus Staff
    Definitely going with Oculus. Ha!
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  • rlabellerlabelle Posts: 215
    There are advantages and disadvantages to both systems. I am planning on ordering both as soon as available to find out which will be best. I'll probably get Morpheus for PS4 as well as I am curious. I've already backed Virtuix Omni and Sixense Stem controllers as well as to find the best combinations for VR. I'll be making video reviews with gameplay footage as soon as they arrive.

    Subscribe if you'd like to see them action on release date and decide for yourself: ... _as=public
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  • snappaheadsnappahead Posts: 2,302
    Definitely going with Oculus. Ha!
    You sure? You've got a long wait in front of you. That Vive is going to look mighty tempting while staring at your Oculus pre-order screen for 6 or 7 months. Plus...No Touch until who knows when...You might not make it.
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  • willstewillste Posts: 675
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    I am definitely pre-ordering a Rift. The games they are kicking off work in any amount of space. They have some solid launch titles. And based on the lack of motion controls I know the initial release will be very budget friendly. Their imminent motion controls sound compelling enough also to where I will survive the wait to buy them separately.

    I will consider getting a Vive as well, budget allowing, and based off their consumer announcement and based off my final office setup. I may not have the room to enjoy its extra tracking features so there may be no point in the extra tracking features, especially if they release games that only work well in a larger space.
  • 1k0nX1k0nX Posts: 57
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    I'll be getting both (as well as the OSVR HMD to hack). If I could only get one then it would be the Vive.
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  • jyounjyoun Posts: 232
    Do people wanting walking experiences also have someone to stand next to them to manage the cable at all times!?
  • willstewillste Posts: 675
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    jyoun wrote:
    Do people wanting walking experiences also have someone to stand next to them to manage the cable at all times!?

    I thought Valve was packaging a cable management robot? Don't tell me its not true.
  • snappaheadsnappahead Posts: 2,302
    jyoun wrote:
    Do people wanting walking experiences also have someone to stand next to them to manage the cable at all times!?
    I think I can manage a cable. I don't plan on too many backflips or cartwheels...some of course, but not many.
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