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CV1 comparison to DK2

RiftXdevRiftXdev Posts: 847 Poster of the Week
edited June 2015 in General
Has anyone done a side by side comparison of a DK2 and CV1 and reported the results?

It's not really the same as having had a go at E3. I mean an actual side by side comparison so you can really see the actual results without much time between.

I doubt many people have been fortunate enough to do this without an NDA, if anyone.

If this has been done and I missed it, and you saw it, can you post the link?
DK1 | DK2
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  • Malkmus1979Malkmus1979 Posts: 763
    Brain Burst
    I didn't try them within minutes, but rather an hour of each other. I will only say that going from the Rift to the DK2 felt like going from a Porche to a Kia.
  • MetakMetak Posts: 11
    I would like to read some comparison too. I already read that it's big difference, like it has two screens that make it look better. Then somebody said new problem occurs, it's so real that frustration appears cause we can't interact with things inside ;)
    I don't know if it was just hype article or realistic.
    I tried dk2 for less than hour and it was great experience except picture wasn't so sharp. Sombody told me it's because they didn't set appropriate width between lens.
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