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What game types would you love to see?

GigatronGigatron Posts: 37
edited July 2015 in Samsung Gear VR
Hey guys,

The more I play around with the VR, the more I realize it needs a full-immersion pilot-type game. Either piloting a fighter jet, a giant robot mech, or even a tank. Imagine the immersion of the Oculus cinema, but inside your death machine of choice, instead.

Really, the ultimate VR, would be a way to integrate the original Steel Battalion controller with the Gear VR headset. It truly is a damn shame no other other company found a way to utilize that hardware.



  • AshVRMCAshVRMC Posts: 21
    I'd like to see something which is less an attempt to create a VR version of simple old arcade games, and more a plot-driven experience type game. Something with a rich and detailed environment (not necessarily large but reasonably complex) that you can spend some time looking around, investigating and gradually learning more about.

    Also more like Jester solitaire - simple relaxing games in a well-designed environment, especially if you could customaise that environment a little.
  • barry1685barry1685 Posts: 43
    Brain Burst
    Mirrors edge
  • FantyFanty Posts: 333
    I think for "Solitair Jester" like games, the thing has

    - to low resolution
    - to low FOV
    - to uncomfortable to wear.

    Low FOV
    In a game/experience with a staionary position I cant "feel" the room if I dont look around very hard all the time. I cant feel the beach, room or whatever by relaxed staring at a point at the horizint or something, like I could in reality.

    In reality, your eyes get an impression of more than 180 degrees (everyone can check for himself with his hands coming forward from behind the head. You can see your hands when they are still BEHIND the eyes) In reality a human can make a 360 degrees check by turning his head 180 degrees (90 left and 90 right)

    Back to the game thing: If the game forces you to look around... everything is fine. But if it does not (say a CHESS game in a virtual reality envoirement).... you stare at the board and.. you dont feel the nice room, wich in reality you would (at the edge of your view)

    Low resolution
    Low resolution is not all that bad, if you at least can come close to check what it looks like. If your bound to a stationary position (Tower defence and something like that) the resolution thing is anoying. Because no interesting details can be seen. You know those Adult movies? Stuff in just 2 meter distance is boring. The resolution/SDE is already ruining the experience. It needs to be 50cm or closer, then its nice. With better resolutions we could possibly enjoy humans in up to 10m distance. :P

    Uncomfortable to wear, lots of work to put it on.

    Getting out my GearVR putting the phone in it, booting sequence.... a lot of "work" and "Waiting time". To endure all this, the content I use needs to be worth all that. And then... its uncomfortable to wear.
    Do I really want to endure all this for a quick game? What do I gain from it? Why shouldnt I just play that game on a 2D screen or even in reality? Questions to consider.
    I never thought I'd be so happy to be back here in my own virtual skin.
  • MrMonkeybatMrMonkeybat Posts: 640
    Brain Burst
    most of the game types I can think of are already being made by someone somewhere.
  • FantyFanty Posts: 333
    Hm. I possibly dont like any (possible) VR Games at all. I possibly prefer "Experiences". Hehe.

    I fear that, the games that I like do have either the problem of motion sickness and/or need 20 buttons to be controlled, wich is too much for a gamepad or to use "completely blindfolded" on a PC keyboard.

    I can tell what I DONT like:

    I dont like to NOT beeing able to move.
    I dont like moving "on tracks".
    I dont like 3. person if I cant make the camera stay behind the character (so that I can look into the direction the character looks).

    Well... like I said in the start: Just give me a complex, good looking 3D envoirement to explore free in 1. person and I am happy. Does not need any "Gaming" in it. ;)

    Wait... haha I know what I want...

    Just came to my mind:

    Golf. With optional "follow the ball "camera for people with good stomach haha.
    And a billard table. Eh? :) Isnt there a billard table in "Night Cafe" JAM thingy? I dont get motion sick walking in that Cafe. So.... I would also not get motion sick walking around a billard table in a billard game? Hmm.... 8-)
    I never thought I'd be so happy to be back here in my own virtual skin.
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