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Vr player for DK1

CHECHE Posts: 65
Hiro Protagonist
edited August 2015 in General
Hi, do you guys know whats the best way to play a stereoscopi vr movie on the dk1?
I can program in unity for that, but i would be limited to theora files, or i would need a very expensive plugin to play other formats.
Do we have something ready? i know vm max is good but only dk2.


  • WalkyWalky Posts: 357
    Brain Burst
  • CHECHE Posts: 65
    Hiro Protagonist
    Thx, but i need one that plays 360 stereo videos
  • JoseJose Posts: 888
    I thought that anything made with the latest SDK should also be backwards compatible with the DK1.

    Maybe you can try Virtual Desktop. It has a 360 video player. And recently, it seemed to work with my DK1, but I didn't use it for that long.
  • VizionVRVizionVR Posts: 3,022
    LiveViewRift supports DK1 and DK2.
    Not a Rift fanboi. Not a Vive fanboi. I'm a VR fanboi. Get it straight.
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