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Bizarre twitchy positional tracking with

costersallcostersall Posts: 36
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edited September 2015 in Support
Going to be a hard one to explain, but ever since I updated from 5 to I have been having the following issue in direct mode in games. In project Cars when I use the normal helmet cam rift mode when I accelerate fast, crash or make quick head movements the camera pops into a semi behind the car camera for a random amount of time, then pops back. I was going to attribute it to Project Cars, but then it’s happening in DiRT Rally as well, the same issue. The tracking seems to just keep freaking out, but when it works its fine.

I thought it might be a camera issue, but it seems to work fine in all demos and the test scene.

I did a complete clean install of my Nvidia drivers 353.30 (GTX 980 Ti) and it seems better in Project Cars, but DiRT still has the same issues. The only new addition to my setup where it was working fine before is and now playing stuff in direct mode. Before in 5 I always used extended. Any help or insight would be appreciated.


  • spyrospyro Posts: 344
    Can confirm this, didn't have this issue before Sometimes the tracking really 'shakes me' and changes from a point about 0.5 m backwards to the orginal position about 3 times a second (Oculus test scene). But I can't reproduce this.
  • costersallcostersall Posts: 36
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    Thank you! I knew I wasn't going insane, no idea how to pinpoint what option is doing this as I would have to go through everything. I'm thinking its a Nvidia gfx setting that doesn't work with, but no idea which one.
  • jkostansjkostans Posts: 26
    I can confirm this as well, when tracking is lost its jumps like crazy. Definitely 0.6 runtime related. I also notice a reduction in tracking angle. Anything past 90 deg in either direction will almost always cause the tracking to be lost, in a very drastic way. Also if you jerk the headset too fast even when in looking right at the camera, tracking is lost and there is a huge jump in distance. This was not the case in the previous SDK.

    Also, I have an R9 290 so it's not your video card.
  • cyberealitycybereality Posts: 26,156 Oculus Staff
    Can you run the demo scene and get it to jump like you are saying. Then exit the app and grab these log files: viewtopic.php?f=34&t=23521 . I'd like the first two, but most importantly the OVRServer Log. It may give a clue as to what is happening.
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  • brianpeirisbrianpeiris Posts: 17
    I can confirm this issue, as well as tiny glitches in tracking every few seconds. I've attached logs as well as a video of the problem occurring. The severe glitching starts ~23 seconds into the video:

  • FruitieXFruitieX Posts: 1
    Hey, I can also confirm this exact issue, I've seen it happen in DIRT rally when running in direct mode (extended seems fine though?). Can't say if it's better with older SDK since I've only tried the newest, only recently got my DK2.

    I'll post logs if I get this reproduced.
  • JumblesJumbles Posts: 3
    Happens to me too in Demo Scene and Euro Truck Sim 2. Other games and demos seem to work fine though. If I reboot my computer it will work until I stop playing for a while then I have to reboot to get it stable again.

    I don't have attachment privileges yet so here's Drive links...

    Config Log -

    Server Log -

    edit - I'm running a multi monitor setup and using Display Fusion to manage them and multiple taskbars. Exiting Display Fusion has improved the situation dramatically. I don't need to reboot my computer just to play ETS2 anymore. I do still get the occasional 'out of body experience' but they are rare enough that I can live with it (for now).
  • costersallcostersall Posts: 36
    Brain Burst
    Good to see its not just me. It's still happening for me in Project CARS when I break to fast or go off course/crash. View pops outside the car for a bit then pops back in. Here is a Reddit post where others are experiencing it with other games such as Assetto Corsa.

    Wonder what it is as it really breaks immersion. Doesn't seem to be gfx settings.
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