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OR + Novint Falcon....

gravity360gravity360 Posts: 51
edited December 2013 in General
I'm curious here if anyone has tried using the Novint Falcon controller in combination with the Rift. For those of you who don't know what the Novint Falcon is, follow the link below. My son broke my pistol grip for it, so I have already placed an order for a new one. But from my past experience I really enjoyed using it. My main drawback was that my arm would get fatigued after an hour or so.


  • cyberealitycybereality Posts: 26,156 Oculus Staff
    I have a Falcon. It's pretty good. At least it seemed to work well with HL2.

    Honestly haven't played with it in years, but I still hold out for building a cool game with real haptics.
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  • gravity360gravity360 Posts: 51
    I have a Falcon. It's pretty good. At least it seemed to work well with HL2.

    Honestly haven't played with it in years, but I still hold out for building a cool game with real haptics.

    Yeah I found it to be more of a gimmick and I as well haven't used it in a few years. But I'm really curious if combined with the rift, if the "gimmick" feeling will fade.

    I really enjoyed using it on L4D. When the smoker would grab you with his tongue it would pull the controller in all kinds of directions. It was really nice. Think the biggest issue was the lack of games that supported it.
  • tubeliartubeliar Posts: 9
    edited July 2013
    I'll join the ranks of "haven't used the Falcon in a while" but i dusted it off to try it with the Rift.
    There were no problems at all setting it up. If your Rift works and your Falcon works, they work together and you need to do nothing else :D

    So far i've only played TF2, and it is awesome! I like to set the recoil and damage setting pretty high but the environment low. The recoil will throw off your aim and for instance the heavy's machine gun vibration will actually shake the whole view, so this might not be for everyone, but i'm not sensitive to simulation sickness and i'm not playing to win :-P Still you can lower the recoil settings to get better aim and a less shaky view. The damage setting is actually useful to feel where the attack came from and you can look around to search for the attacker while shooting somewhere else! The environment forces are nice but don't add a lot to the experience in my opinion. I don't want to turn them off completely but i do tone them down or they'll become annoying.

    As far as i know there are only a handful of source games that support the Falcon. As for the rest there is the F-Gen scripting, but those scripts never reach the level of immersion that engine integration does. Still, i am a big fan of the Falcon and i think the combination with the Rift is a very natural one. Do try it out if you have both and if you know someone who has a Falcon try to borrow it or lend them your Rift. Try it! :D
  • jcmljcml Posts: 17
    How does the falcon and head tracking work together? Like the hydra Tuscany demo or the TF2 views?
  • tubeliartubeliar Posts: 9
    The Falcon behaves like a mouse, so it obeys vr_moveaim_mode. Your preference for moveaim with the mouse will likely be your preference for the Rift as well with one extra thing to keep in mind: damage direction is applied with respect to your character's facing/steering direction. So this will influence your choice of steering with the Rift or Falcon. If you steer with the Rift and look at an enemy his damage will come from in front of you. If you don't steer with the Rift and see an enemy on your left, his damage will still feel as coming from the left even if you're looking straight at him.

    I like mode 6 the best for both the mouse and the Falcon, though it is listed in the TF2 wiki as an experimental mode suggesting most testers didn't like it as much. In mode 6 the game basically plays the same in the sense that mouse/Falcon controls aren't modified from non-vr mode. The rift only controls the camera so you can freely look around while walking or shooting in the direction indicated by the reticule.
  • VegasGh0stVegasGh0st Posts: 50
    Hiro Protagonist
    i have a falcon, back before the pistol grip was introduced i worked with the novint crew at their booth at CES
    (only when it got busy). i work at the LV convention center thats why. i just really wanted to work for the company and i had great ideas ( even built a gaming site for then to unify falcon users ) But sadly i was brushed off and their company went down because they failed to listen to their customers, and me as well i told Tom anderson at CES that he wasnt advertising enough or to the right people (gamers) and he wasn't making his presence known at GDC or any or gaming press event so i offered to expand his P.R branch and he refused. So he failed,But there's always hope. i have a secret project for him if i see him on this years CES. i have BIG plans for the future of Both Novint and Oculus and i hope to join then in a partnership ALA PS3 and dualshock. i hope to see you guys at CES as ive been working on a project for the Oculus that incorporates haptic feedback and virtual aera detection. But i dont want to give away to much.

    EDIT : Since writing novint's funding has been cut and has halted prodution.
    New and improved development shall continue with "Tactical Haptics"
    Nothing is impossible, just time consuming.
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