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SDK 0.6 & above App Filter

DeanONHDeanONH Posts: 15
Brain Burst
edited November 2015 in Oculus Share
Now that SDK 0.7 has been released and requires app content to be SDK 0.6 or above it seems obvious to me that we need a Oculus Share filter for selecting those apps that are SDK 0.6 and above.


  • wociswocis Posts: 5
  • cyberealitycybereality Posts: 26,156 Oculus Staff
    This is a good idea. I have submitted it as a feature request. Thanks.
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  • cheddlecheddle Posts: 15
    Brain Burst
    This is a good idea. I have submitted it as a feature request. Thanks.

    I came here to post this suggestion and am very pleased to see this thread :-)

    +1 for SDK filter on oculus share.
  • darthwilsondarthwilson Posts: 13
    +1 - This would be a super handy feature. It's good in a way that some games show the runtime version at the right hand side.
  • TItboyTItboy Posts: 1
    +1 from here aswell. That or have the SDK be able to switch between since its able to detect it.
  • friedpenguinfriedpenguin Posts: 1
    +1 YES, this should have been DAY ONE when the incompatibility was announced.
  • viewportviewport Posts: 82
    Hiro Protagonist
    I guess they are working in new forum / Oculus Share web application with this function.
  • StephenAllenStephenAllen Posts: 6
    Mentioned it on another thread, but i just got a new laptop, downloaded 20+ oculus games, hardly any worked XD

    +1 here too for the feature.
  • agnosticagnostic Posts: 4
    Yeah I was about to create a new thread with the same subject... It's really annoying to open tabs and tabs of demos trying to find an app that works on the 0.7++ sdk, because the "DK2 Compatible" filter is not useful anymore.

    Please add a new filter for that...
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