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Looking for a cheap S6 to develop on

MikeFMikeF Posts: 998
edited November 2015 in Samsung Gear VR
So i just got a gear for S6 passed my way but i dont have the proper model phone to use it.
I'm wondering if anyone has had any luck getting a cheap used S6 (possibly with a bad ESN) and still managed to get things running?

All i should need is a functional WiFi connection rite? Or are carriers somehow tied to being able to use this?


  • ricard2798ricard2798 Posts: 432
    Hiro Protagonist
    Let me give you a little piece of advice that i learnt the hard way.

    i did try at one point to find a cheap one on craigslist, and bought. I opened the device, checked the firmware, scrolled though it and everything!

    Yet, when I went to develop, i noticed the gearvr did not work, and that the performance was sluggish... IT WAS A FAKE PHONE!

    now a day, people replicate the look and feel of other phones, and switch the internals to scam people. be very very careful what you buy and where you buy it from.. best option is to use a carrier and upgrade... but regardless... be careful and do your research. some telltales of a fake phone are the included power adapter, box colors and seals, etc...
  • MikeFMikeF Posts: 998
    Ah good to know, thanks for the heads up.
  • JoseJose Posts: 888
    Rofl! Just recently I got a "free" Galaxy S6 to use with my free Gear VR from Oculus Connect.

    That's because there's a Verizon promo going on right now where you can trade in a working smartphone while opening up a new line and buying a new phone to get a $300 gift card. It's possible to do it multiple times. And any working smartphone will work for the trade in, including old cheap $10 prepaid android phones.

    It was such a hassle doing it, but I ended up not paying anything for my S6 by using the free gift cards.

    This might be worthwhile for you if you're a current Verizon customer.
  • MikeFMikeF Posts: 998
    ah nice hahahaha, unfortunately i'm with a canadian provider and i just got a new phone about a month ago (didnt know i'd be getting gear) so i'm out of luck for upgrading.

    Thanks for the info though!
  • servili007servili007 Posts: 14
    Brain Burst
    If you're tech savvy, you can pick up a live demo unit s6 on ebay and after some careful flashing get it up to date and working. Also has the bonus of not using any battery for cellular radios as they're completely missing.
  • dakman96dakman96 Posts: 1
    You should be able to pick a cheap one off of craigslist or ebay that's blacklisted, maybe around $200... if you wanna go super cheap you can always get a cracked display which wouldn't be TOO considering its being used for nothing but development but it'd definitely be annoying... Good luck!
  • andrewtekandrewtek Posts: 976
    A cracked screen for VR dev would not work well. It would be very uncomfortable and difficult to do accurate play/use testing.
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