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Need a good laugh? My mom tries rift coaster for first time

captaintripscaptaintrips Posts: 313
edited July 2013 in General
I know I'm a bit later to the first time reaction videos, but let my mother try my rift for the first time... was hysterical. Thought she was having a heart attack. She didn't even make it to the coaster drop before nearly collapsing.

If you need a good laugh tonight, give this a watch... enjoy!


  • jasonatokcjasonatokc Posts: 353
    ROFL :lol:
  • ahhhh haha thats awesome!
  • JoewaJoewa Posts: 26
    Brain Burst
  • MorteMorte Posts: 10
    wow she didnt even reach the first drop :D
  • meanfigmeanfig Posts: 49
    hahaha u should put her in the "Alone in the rift demo"
    I GOT'S TWO!
  • BattlerBattler Posts: 79
  • ReTReT Posts: 191 need to get her to finish the ride man! :lol:
  • dolomitedolomite Posts: 126
    Hiro Protagonist
    My sister had a similar reaction, though much less screaming :). My mom didn't even try it out and got scared just by seeing it on the monitor :lol: .
  • DrOculusDrOculus Posts: 192
    That is one of the funniest reactions to the rift that i have seen, nice one lol
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