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  • shim2shim2 Posts: 480
    Nexus 6
    I like how pretensions we have become as a species. A temporary mark on my face from wearing an HMD? NO THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE.
  • snappaheadsnappahead Posts: 2,302
    edited March 2016
    Yeah, if you're stupid and don't adjust it properly, this could happen.

    They should do a follow up article on glass-rash and show photos of the little dents that the pads on glasses make in your nose.
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  • ThreeDeeVisionThreeDeeVision Posts: 2,087
    I should have taken some pictures of my 'DK2 Face' after hours in Elite.  Looks exactly the same as a day of skiing with goggles on.
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  • jaimijaimi Posts: 92
    Hiro Protagonist
    Perhaps they've never seen Velcro before, and they didn't realize the fit was adjustable.  :smile: 
  • MikeFMikeF Posts: 830
    poor babies, might have to wait all of 2 minutes for that to go away.
  • RorschachPhoenixRorschachPhoenix Posts: 1,594 Valuable Player
    They don't wear glasses, right?
    Excuse my bad english. I speak to you through the google translator. :P
  • VizionVRVizionVR Posts: 3,022
    "Rift rash"? Really? I suppose next they'll come up with a name for the mark your socks leave on your ankles. Beware leg ligatures!
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  • KNP54KNP54 Posts: 285
    Nexus 6
    Is that where the Oculus logo comes from?
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  • Lucky_DLucky_D Posts: 173
    Oh No!! If I wear diving goggles too long I get Rift Rash too.. EVERYONE STOP BUYING DIVING GOGGLES!!
  • Lucky_DLucky_D Posts: 173
    Oh and if you wear a wedding ring too long you get a mark on your finger.  EVERYONE STOP WEARING WEDDING RINGS!
  • SyrellarisSyrellaris Posts: 1,035
    If i put my paintball mask on to tight, i get similar marks.. Is that rift rash too?
  • Lucky_DLucky_D Posts: 173
    If you sit on you foot too long it goes Numb!  EVERYONE STOP SITTING ON YOUR FOOT!

    Seriously?!?!?  REALLY?!?!? 
  • greeneblitzgreeneblitz Posts: 126
    To be fair, a lot of people don't know how to properly fit a a hat or clothes either, isn't the thing adjustable? Just loosen it instead of making all VR owners look like we're ridiculous.
  • Lucky_DLucky_D Posts: 173
    Well it is a UK article, perhaps the whole VR thingy-ma-bobby is just to futurey for them.
  • V-WalkerV-Walker Posts: 108
    edited March 2016
    Lucky_D said:
    Well it is a UK article, perhaps the whole VR thingy-ma-bobby is just to futurey for them.

    That is a ridiculous comment. Are you even aware of how many "futurey" (Think you mean futuristic btw) inventions and innovations have come from the U.K? Maybe google it, I think you'll be shocked if you think the U.K is some ass - backwards hurdy gurdy country. (two for starters: the inventor of the world wide web you are currently using, and the inventor of the TV you are probably watching later.. oh and the jet engine... and... etc)

    It's better to say it's a Daily Mail article, one of the shittiest rags on the planet. They'll make a mountain out of any molehill.

    However, in fairness, many have commented on this already and I wonder if the design (spring loaded arms) is and having to have it so tight (having to by many accounts not just user error) and a too thin face gasket is the cause.

    As far as I know nobody has reported this for the Vive, and I've never had it on DK2, at least not like that. It doesn't look like it's fading in mere seconds.

    Still, that UK comment is out of order, and ignorant
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