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davidwyandggdavidwyandgg Posts: 118
edited March 2016 in General
Hello fellow Oculus Rift developers and enthusiasts! Looks like this might be the first post ever in the developer forums so I thought I would introduce myself.

I'm David Wyand, Head of Torque 3D development at GarageGames. Torque 3D is an open source game engine that is available from GitHub. You may find out some more about it here:

This year we've added Leap Motion controller support, and will push out Razer Hydra support this week. I look forward to integrating the Oculus Rift with Torque 3D and seeing what our community comes up with once the developer kit is released. We have a few Kickstarter supporters in our ranks (including myself) and we can't wait to get started!

- Dave


  • adminadmin Posts: 6 Oculus Staff
    Hey David,

    Great to have you aboard. Looking forward to using the Rift with Torque 3D!

    Let us know if we can help with anything.

    -- Nate
  • cyberealitycybereality Posts: 26,156 Oculus Staff
    Hey guys!

    It's Andres Hernandez. I'm the community manager for Oculus. Some of you may know me as "cybereality" on other forums.

    Anyway, really excited to be here. VR has been a dream of mine since the early 90's and it is just recently becoming a reality. Hopefully all of us here, as Rift developers, can help shape the future of VR.

    So lets get this thread started. Everyone, please join in and say hello.
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  • How about making this thread sticky so new members can find it and tell us about themselves? Feel free to delete this post if it does go sticky.

    - Dave
  • SiggiGSiggiG Posts: 190 Oculus Partner
    edited May 2013
    Hi everyone,

    My name is Sigurdur Gunnarsson and I work for CCP Games, the makers of EVE Online and Dust 514. I'm working on a game prototype with the Rift as an experiment, and we might (or might not) show that off in the future :)
    I've been excited about VR since I was a kid and Carmack managed to rekindle that excitement with his talk at last years E3. When the Oculus Kickstarter was announced I was quick to order a kit for myself (order #1173), and I've managed to find a few kindred souls at work to experiment with VR together.
    CCP Games, EVE: Valkyrie developer | @SiggiGG
  • tastivetastive Posts: 18
    Hi, folks!

    I'm Chris King (handle: tastive), indie developer working on Windows games.

    Officially I'm Lumina Celare. I made a game called SPACIOUS, from which I stole most of the assets for Rift Rush.

    My goal with the Rift is to make and polish a few very simple, easy to pick up games (such as Rift Rush) to be available on consumer release (and perhaps before) at a very low price point.

    Hope everyone's been enjoying the Rift dev experience as much as I have.

  • cyberealitycybereality Posts: 26,156 Oculus Staff
    Great to have you guys here, welcome!

    Also, made the topic a sticky as requested.
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  • jayohjayoh Posts: 98
    Hiro Protagonist
    hey everyone,
    you may remember me from kickstarter update #28 or one of my many other hijinks across the web (specifically - a website i'm building to help promote vr-ready applications).

    i'm not working on any specific game per se, but look forward to creating environments with UDK and playing everyone else's creations.
  • TboneTbone Posts: 321
    I'm very excited to see what develops in this community!
    The Furious Angels
    - an Oculus Rift Online Gaming Community!
  • ZalgrythZalgryth Posts: 1
    Wow, glad to see this site is finally up and it's finally being shipped! I've been waiting for what seems like forever!

    I'm Zalgryth and I'm a student developer from Canada (currently at an internship). I won't be doing any formal projects as of now but I'll definitely be tinkering and trying everything that's available (including TF2, which I haven't ever played).

    Nice to meet you all!
  • raijinspecialraijinspecial Posts: 9
    Hi everyone, I'm Seth. I don't have much experience in development but I am currently doing a phd in neuroscience and I would love to use this for some scientific visualization and epilepsy research.
  • CheshyrCheshyr Posts: 74
    Hey all. My name is Dave Coleman. I'm an embedded engineer, but also a gamer, and I've had an moderate obsession with VR and wearable computing for a long time. I was one of the kickstarters, and a part-time indie developer on the side. Recently joined 1GAM (, and I'm hoping to get a couple Rift games in the mix.

    Good to see the community waking up. Looking forward to participating in the birth of modern VR.
  • VRtuosoVRtuoso Posts: 5
    Hi, i'm Ramón, living in germany and thrilled to be here :D

    I registered with my artist name, and maybe future indie company name if all turns out well :)

    My VR project is about street art, and the new possibilities for artistic expression inside virtual worlds. My goal is to provide a tool for street artists expressing themselfes in VR without any prior experience in handling traditional computer input methods, and the prospect of getting fame by appearing with their art in other video games. Functioning also as a tool for game developers to get top quality street art into their game to enhance the fidelity of their virtual urban environments :)

    The guy, formerly known as "STRZ" over at MTBS :mrgreen:
  • LockeDownLockeDown Posts: 24
    Brain Burst
    Hey Everyone,

    My real name is Mickey and I am like many of you patiently awaiting my kits to arrive. I have not been able to go to any of the conventions to check it out due to my day job -- worst part is I work/live just a couple miles away from the Oculus VR Office :/

    I plan to do a lot of tinkering with different development tools including Unity and UDK. Have no set projects in mind but I have a feeling the 1st in house demo will get me trying all sorts of new things.

    Also have a Razer Hydra and pre-ordered leap controllers to play with. This is more of a hobby for me at this point until I can feel comfortable enough to working with other developers on possible Rift projects.

    But for now I will live vicariously through other developers that have already received their kits ;)
  • TheGameVedaTheGameVeda Posts: 2
    Absolutely awesome to be here, at this time, at the beginning ,looking forward to tackle the riddle of VR.

    Hey David , how are you integrating LEAP Motion , using it as a mouse FOV controller like DangerMouse and or the full two hand recognition with gestures mapped to in game actions? Also with a wide FOV like the Rifts , does LEAP motion allow you to move your hand all the way around the FOV , or is it restricted to a central area , or do you wear it so it moves with your movements?

    Here's a video of me using LEAP Motion to play Bioshock Infinite .looking for hooks where VR control like the LEAP motion could be exploited and also how long I could tolerate it. All the ingredients are in place now UDK support, LEAP Motion , headtracking and the Oculus for us to be doing this in VR ..tomorrow ... or today! Or the day our Rifts arrive ...
  • VinVin Posts: 874
    Brain Burst
    My name is Vin King, and I'm working on a few projects outside of work based around natural computer interfaces and augmented reality. The Rift is exciting due to the low cost, low latency environment, and I look forward to attempting to push it's usefulness past just gaming.
  • medriftmedrift Posts: 63
    Hello everyone I'm mark from England and I'm just checking in. This is going to be an amazing place to be over the coming months. Good luck to everyone with their projects.
  • cmviennacmvienna Posts: 1
    hello from vienna,
    i'm Chris and working for a Company in the Music Business making Sample libairies and started with VR in the early days with Virtual Walkthrough, which had a very modest 3D-VR support.
    we're looking around for options to show users a visual mix of real and virtual stages and musicians - Oculus Rift appears to become a mindblowing prerequisite to make this happen.
  • judah4judah4 Posts: 30
    I am Judah from California. I am a college student studying computer science and I have a great interest in game development and VR. Between class and work, I'm usually working on my Online rpg I've been making for the last year which I am planning to add Oculus support to as soon as I can :)
  • majerkmajerk Posts: 1
    Hello everyone,
    I am from the Bay Area, CA. I'm going to be creating games and/or other interactive media with my Rift. I have no background in graphic rendering, but I am very interested in it (my background is *nix system level programming in C).

    Since I've ordered the Rift I've been learning OpenGL 3+ and various techniques. I've created some simple rendering systems and have picked up a lot of new knowledge. My goal is to get off my ass and create something neat that *I* want to play. If you want follow what I do, you can follow me on twitter at @majerked, I will probably follow back because I want to see what everyone else comes up with also.
  • mwilcoxmwilcox Posts: 21
    Hi all, I'm a postgraduate student (communication studies) from New Zealand and will be doing research into immersive narratives, user experience etc. in VR later this year and will be using the Rift as the platform for it. Looking forward to seeing what the projects the community comes out with.
  • drashdrash Posts: 2,849
    edited April 2013
    Hi all,

    Steve here. I went to UC Irvine over a decade ago (for computer science and a little bit of game dev), so I know the Oculus buildings well and wish I was still living in the area. I'm just a gamedev hobbyist with a relatively dry day job that's mostly interested in the future of virtual interfaces and how to create a strong emotional impact with VR experiences.

    A huge congrats to OculusVR on all their hard work and getting the ball rolling on all this. It's unreal! Looks like I'll be spamming refresh button here in addition to /r/oculus :P
  • VRDaveVRDave Posts: 6
    Hey Everyone,

    First of all, a big congratulations to Oculus for getting to launch. It's a big day for you and you should be proud of the progress you've made in such a short time. Palmer: ytmnd! Also, thank you for spending so much time "rapping" with us VRcade guys when you were in Seattle, we learned a lot.

    So introductions? Well I'm Dave Ruddell, and I've been working as a developer for F5 Networks for quite a few years now. While my day job is saturated with heavy C++ development, including mission-critical systems and performance optimization. In my "spare" time, I'm an Indie dev who recently joined forces with a few other people to create the VRcade, the worlds first full-motion Virtual Reality arcade. Our plans and development rely heavily on the Rift and we're excited to start working with the real-deal (I built a rift-like prototype to move development and testing along). As part of the effort of being an indie dev, professional dev and VR enthusiast, I hope to learn a lot and bring a lot to the community.

    Here's some info about what we're doing and some of our progress: VRcade Videos And that's not me talking in the first video.

    Keep in mind that we've been very conservative with showing our 'current' capabilities, so stay tuned for even more immersive demos as we make progress. Also, as we move forward, I plan to release many of our current tools and open-source solutions to make building games and experiences in VR even easier.
  • wnewbywnewby Posts: 1

    It's great to be sharing this excitement with you. My name is William and I am an application developer in San Francisco.

    I've been programming professionally for 13 years and tinkering for much longer. All game dev I have done has been on a hobbyist level. I had many late nights in my teenage years working on games in qbasic. Pretty funny to think about now. I know what you are thinking... yes, it got me laid constantly!

    I remember the promise of exploration from those first 3D shareware demos I got in the mail back in the day. They never lived up to my imagination. I have been a rabid gamer all my life but nothing has really hit that desire. I can't wait to start playing with the Rift and see if VR gets me closer.

    I'm still a little unsure about focusing on Unity or UDK. I have some experience with Unreal as a group of us did a total conversion of UT2003 for an independent study in college. I'm sure that I will do some work with both but I'm interested to read everyone's thoughts on this on the forum.


  • MistaSlithasMistaSlithas Posts: 1
    Hello Everyone

    I'm Joshua and like all of you I'm crazy stoked for the rift and everything it is about to bring us. I've been a UI/UX designer/developer for 16 years building CDROMs, desktop apps, websites, web apps and mobile apps in director, flash, flex, ios and lately HTML5. Tech money lured me away from an early career in Archaeology and I've been trying to figure out how to combine tech with Archaeology and cultural heritage in a meaningful, profitable way ever since. My MA thesis in HCI explored the theme of "Archaeological Informatics" but I couldn't achieve my ideas without something like the rift. Thanks to Palmer and the crew it's now here and I'm diving in!

    If anyone else is interested in similar use cases for this technology please let me know, I would love to collaborate.

    I think it's going to be amazing to see all the different ways we use the rift. The games will be fantastic no doubt, but so will other uses like the neurosurgeon who posted earlier.

    I look forward to meeting and working with everyone.
    Good Luck!
  • defactomandefactoman Posts: 33
    Brain Burst
    My name is Daryl and i'm from the Central Coast/So CA area. I work at UCSB in the ECE Department. I've been doing C# programming for a while to make useful and unfun applications and in my spare time develop little games here and there. VR has been something i've followed for quite a while so when I saw Palmer trying to kick off his kickstarter I was happy to jump on board.

    I have a bunch great ideas that me and some others guys are going to try and put together and make happen on some level.
  • lo4dlo4d Posts: 32
    Brain Burst
    My name is Patrick and I dream of the promise of VR. I'm here to learn, make some humble contributions, and watch this technology/community evolve. Imagine the possibilities!
  • JoewaJoewa Posts: 26
    Brain Burst
    Hey everyone. I'm Joe, I run a company called Impromptu Games in Australia and I'm looking forward to hopefully doing some super cool things with UDK/UE3 and the Rift. First thing I'll do is probably set up Vroom for the rift, since it's a game where you drive a truck and I want to look around the cockpit. Also we have a game on Steam Greenlight right now that really needs votes just sayin'.

    It'll obviously never happen, but the best thing in the world would be if the Mechwarrior 2 engine got Rift support. Interstate '76. Yesss.
  • My name is Eric. I am currently a mathematics graduate student aiming for a PhD in 3 more years or so. I was taught how to program in C from my father while in junior high. During the period of time between being an undergraduate and my current studies I worked in the video game industry as a programmer with credit on 4 shipped titles. I focused mostly on physics, game logic, and camera scripting routines.

    I am looking forward to receiving the Ocular Rift SDK soon. The potential for the system is very great, and it is a perfect fit for one of my game designs I've worked on.
  • kprosekprose Posts: 4
    Hello everyone, my name is Kyle. I am currently a history undergrad at UCSC and I have zero programming experience. What I do have, however, is a passion for video games and nitty-gritty analytical research, which I hope will help me leverage my way into the emerging field of digital humanities. In particular, I'm interested in using Virtual Reality to better present and teach "boring" subjects such as history and math. I believe that VR has the power to transform the class room from a passive to an active experience while at the same time eliminating many of the problems associated with formal education.

    That being said, I'm also here because I want to get a heads up on the many games that I'm sure are going to be created for the Rift. After all, it's not a bad idea to understand the competition. ;)
    “Tell me and I will forget, teach me and I will remember, involve me and I will learn." - Chinese Proverb
  • everygamereverygamer Posts: 88

    My name is Brian, I am a Systems Analyst at a College in Boston (day job) and have been doing that for about a decade. I am in the design phase of my first game which I am building in Unity with some Asset Store materials as its base. I'm shooting for PC/iOS/Android release, hopefully I can generate enough sales to roll that into a Unity Pro license and Rift support (not sure if I will be ready in time to take advantage of the free-four months) on the PC.

    At the end of the day, I am looking forward to playing games with this device and playing around with the SDK.

    Nice to meet you all, see you around the forums!
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