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Top of Rift CV1 (right above screen) and Sensor Camera are always warm?

damatmndamatmn Posts: 3
When idle overnight (screen off, Oculus Home not running, but background services still running) both the top of the headset right above the Oculus logo and the sensor camera were warm to the touch the next morning. Is this OK? Or do I have a short that is gonna fry my Rift?

Just got the Rift yesterday and was messing around with it all day, I noticed the warm top of screen issue then and dismissed it due to my active use of the headset, the DK2 had the same hot spot after a lot of use. However when I woke up this morning and returned to my new obsession to find that the heat was persistent despite 7+ hours of cool down time. Has anyone else run into this issue? Or is your CV1 only warm after 30+ minutes of use?


  • edmgedmg Posts: 1,156
    Someone on Reddit mentioned the CV1 being warm on top after an hour or so. I think that's where the electronics are, so it kind of makes sense.

    Doesn't the sensor that turns off the headset detect light when you remove it? If you left the computer on in a room with the lights off, maybe the headset was on all night?
  • JoseJose Posts: 888
    I think the heat on the headset might be generated from the LED indicator on the inside of the headset near the proximity sensor.

    As for the camera being warm, maybe it's recording and sending everything to the Facebook servers for "analytics." Just kidding. ha ha ha
  • The screens should turn off when not in use.

    I assume the drivers haven't been refined to the point where both the HMD and camera enter a power saving mode. That might explain the temperature you are experiencing. 

    In that general area you have the:
    4K HDMI to MIP Converter
    3.0 Hub Controller
    ARM Processor

    Something isn't entering sleep mode?

    You can try checking the power management settings in Windows, so see if you can "Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power". 
  • bp2008bp2008 Posts: 256
    edited April 2016
    It is true the camera and rift stay warm even when they have been idle for 12+ hours.
    Don't assume the temperature readings are accurate (this thermal camera sucks) but it does at least demonstrate that there is warmth.

  • damatmndamatmn Posts: 3
    My gut instinct tells me that the unexpected heat is a bad thing and I would have expected Oculus to give us a heads up if it was intended for some reason.

    Is this universal? Does anyone have a cold idling CV1?

    As an aside, I have both headset and sensor plugged into USB2 at the moment due to Amazon shipping being slow with my PCI USB3. Might have something to do with it? @bp2008 you in the same boat?
  • bp2008bp2008 Posts: 256
    Two of the USB3 ports on my motherboard were compatible, so no USB3 card for me.
  • ConzConz Posts: 83
    Hiro Protagonist
    edited April 2016
    Same here, CV1 and sensor are warm on IDLE (Screen is off, home is not running).
    I have the impression, that both are a little bit warmer with home running (screen off).
    I use USB3, so it has nothing to do with your USB2 connection.
  • SOTBMPSOTBMP Posts: 56
    Hiro Protagonist
    Is it still hot if you disable Oculus service running in background?
  • edmgedmg Posts: 1,156
    edited April 2016
    Looks like they may only turn the screen off when it's idle, not power down the electronics?

    But those temperatures above (77/90F) don't look worrisome to me.
  • damatmndamatmn Posts: 3
    So this heating issue seams to have been fixed or is intermittent. I am currently on Oculus Home ( and the headset and sensor both seam to cool down after heavy use now without issue in ~10 minutes or so.
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