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Mirrored output to desktop - how to disable?

jas89jas89 Posts: 2
Hi all.

Can the mirrored output to desktop monitor be disabled while wearing the Rift?

I'm running Windows 7 and Oculus 1.3, GTX 980ti and a DK2 (CV is ordered!). While everything is looking good, I'd like to have every ounce of GPU power directed toward the Rift.

Is it possible to turn off the mirrored output to the desktop?



  • andrewtekandrewtek Posts: 976
    How about turning off your monitor?
  • SyntheticSynthetic Posts: 704
    it uses next to no GPU power
  • jas89jas89 Posts: 2
    Righto - thanks for the response.
  • TremFTremF Posts: 96
    Hiro Protagonist
    andrewtek said:
    How about turning off your monitor?
    I tried this a few times when using Virtual Desktop and found my DK2 resolution dropped? 
  • MikDGTRMikDGTR Posts: 10
    I think Jas is worried that someone is going to see him 'testing' out the new more adult natured sites!!! For experimental purposes only of course!
  • Lemming1970Lemming1970 Posts: 681
    It's a bugger when your watching VR porn and don't realize the wife's behind you seeing it on the monitor isn't it :D ;)  Until you get a not so virtual smack around the head...
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