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The one to beat? Awesome Specs!

OccUpiedOccUpied Posts: 112

Man.. it's going to get nuts soon with VR exciting time for sure.. keeping eyes on this company too!


  • kojackkojack Posts: 5,942 Volunteer Moderator
    The Totem is still alive? (It was on kickstarter in 2014)

    But it doesn't have the smiley face any more! :(

  • Percy1983Percy1983 Posts: 1,410
    The only worry is if the market gets flooded with cheap rubbish headsets which actually turn people off VR both Rift and Vive are good products and will sell VR but others may have a negative effect.

    On the flip side it does push towards standardisation which will be nice in the future where all VR headsets will just work like monitors but quality will vary.
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  • VrSpongeVrSponge Posts: 150
    The headset its self must be hooked up to a computer. Why would people care then?
  • jrs69jrs69 Posts: 154
    That's pretty ugly I know its a dev kit but its still pretty ugly
  • MikeFMikeF Posts: 838
    Yeah that design is really hideous. Might be comfortable with the rear head brace but it looks like you're wearing a toaster on your face 
  • dinorogerdinoroger Posts: 196
    Does it have built in AC?
  • OccUpiedOccUpied Posts: 112
    The specs don't look rubbish.
  • przecinekprzecinek Posts: 596
    Nexus 6
    These guys keep upgrading their specs as they go along without ever producing anything.
  • ennogsennogs Posts: 230
    OccUpied said:
    The specs don't look rubbish.
    Agreed.  I really like the 120 FOV.
  • RorschachPhoenixRorschachPhoenix Posts: 1,594 Valuable Player
    The specs are bullshit. Sorry. These sort of HMDs have good specs but not the technology to drive it. There's a reason why Oculus/HTC/Sony do not have those specs.
    Excuse my bad english. I speak to you through the google translator. :P
  • water_water_ Posts: 226
    Nexus 6
    Hopefully competition will drive innovation.
  • DelmarKaneDelmarKane Posts: 127
    The specs are bullshit. Sorry. These sort of HMDs have good specs but not the technology to drive it. There's a reason why Oculus/HTC/Sony do not have those specs.
    Yes, I've looked for any real demo of the unit and I cannot find anything live.  Makes me wonder if it is going to go the way of that MASSIVE green and black one.  Forgot the name, to be honest it is because I could not stop laughing at how incredibly terrible it looked.  I actually wondered if they were using 13" LED TV's inside of it, it was so big.  It was reviewed on Road to VR and a pic was taken that made me burst out laughing at work.  I actually got the attention of the entire department, though being the manager, it is easier to explain away.  :)
  • ChassitChassit Posts: 178
    ...What does a VR goggle need a magnetometer for? To ask you to shake your heads around in a "8" shape when there's electromagnet interference nearby?
  • Nobbs66Nobbs66 Posts: 722
    I've decided I'm going to cancel and get a 3D head instead :tongue: 

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