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Elite Dangerous won't launch from Oculus Home

All other programs run fine from Oculus Home but Elite Dangerous just doesn't do anything when trying to launch from Oculus Home. I can run the exe but that gets a bunch of errors and ends up running the 2D version (with an error in the headset).



  • servili007servili007 Posts: 14
    Brain Burst
    Have you checked that within elite dangerous the 3D setting is set to HMD (headphones) ?
  • I just did, and that resolved it! Why on earth doesn't it default this when you install the game through Oculus home?
  • servili007servili007 Posts: 14
    Brain Burst
    In my case, I remember changing that setting when the game used to be installed via steam. I "moved" the installation to oculus home and that screwed me.
  • DoomWaffleDoomWaffle Posts: 5
    I cannot seem to get any audio to the Rift's speakers now... I have to launch the game from the executable every time I want to play.  It's useless through home.
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