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Please Recommend A Cheap Steering Wheel



  • Sloeri007Sloeri007 Posts: 175
    edited April 2016
    If you can pick up a Logitech G25 or G27 you will be happy.  had one for many years and was very happy with it.
    i'm now using a Fanatec Club Sport, which is quite expensive,but given that this is about the only gaming type i do, it was for me some kind of "hobby" investement.
    for casual gaming a G25 or G27 is already a great wheel !
    about faillure's like mentioned in other posts... the much more expensive Fanatec wheel is in fact more fragile than the logitech ones... my fanatec for example already broke twice, my G25 never did ;)

  • ConzConz Posts: 83
    Hiro Protagonist
    AntDX3162 said:
    Percy1983 said:
    If you want really cheap get the Microsoft sidewinder force feedback.

    They are from 1999 but still work great (USB version only of course), full force feedback but no shifter (does have padels on back of wheel).

    Can be had for around £30.
    no way that that still has support

    It is fully supported. I'm driving PCars with a Sidewinder force feedback. No problems with win7 or Win10.
    Force feedback gives so much more immersion to the game.
  • dead4suredead4sure Posts: 263
    Nexus 6
    PG68 said:
    If you can wait until May 4th (after this, of course you can), Thrustmaster is launching their new line.
    Thanks for that info. I was about to buy a T150. The reviews look pretty promising.
  • HanoverHanover Posts: 549
    edited April 2016
    Can you use a wheel sitting on a desk?  Or do you need a play seat?  I had a sidewinder years ago and it was fantastic, but I used it while it was on my desk.
  • RobHermansRobHermans Posts: 712
    edited April 2016
    Yes, all the wheels I have experience of have some kind of desk clamp. Some also have tapped holes in the base so you can "hard-mount" them (bolt them to a base), and this is how you attach them to most wheel stands. You will still want a good seat though, preferably one with no wheels!
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