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Hard Drive speed vs SSD?

BlackBansheeBlackBanshee Posts: 15
Finally got my CV1 and am having a blast with it!  However I'm running into the inevitable limit on my 256 GB SSD, so I want to reinstall oculus home and all the games onto a 2 TB traditional hard drive.  

Question:  For any others that have switched from an SSD to a hard drive, do you notice a significant speed difference in game loading or any other performance?  Worried it will slow down the experience...




  • Greenfire32Greenfire32 Posts: 367
    Cant give you absolute answers as I don't yet have my Rift, but past experience with games and drives tells me that you should expect longer loading times. Performance, however, should be roughly the same.

    All said, it probably wouldn't be anything to worry about.
  • SarlinSarlin Posts: 182

    Agree with @Greenfire32

    Games will take longer to load but most of the game will be loaded into RAM so performance should not be impacted.

  • BlackBansheeBlackBanshee Posts: 15
    Thanks!  I'll give it a try and report back if the load times are intolerable.
  • edmgedmg Posts: 1,199
    I have 32GB of RAM, so games are usually entirely cached in RAM the second time I start them up, and don't have to touch the disk. But it's typically only about 2x the speed of loading from disk. For one thing, so many games have stupid, unskippable videos at the start that they simply can't be sped up much by an SSD.
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