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Sea Legs - Experience Ratings

SawersadamSawersadam Posts: 49
edited July 2013 in General
I have been playing with the rift for a few days now. I'll spare everyone a review.

Some experiences have more physiological side effects than others (nothing new here). Sometimes the effects involve some unsettling of the stomach, others a kind of discomfort in the eye muscles. I expect the eye muscle one is related to IPD settings and is contingent upon the viewer.

What I think would be useful, is way to rate a given experience's potential to have motion sickness effects.

This could help steer newbies towards gentler experiences that won't turn them off the medium before they've found something to really enjoy.

I appreciate that Oculus are working super-hard to make the hardware and SDK as minimally disorienting as it can be. But being up front about the level unnatural movement in experiences for consumers could help with broader adoption.

Perhaps a launch title that ships with the Rift that is effectively a 'training' package would be useful. Maybe along the lines of mini-game experiences that slowly introduce more disorienting elements at the users discretion?

On the topic of IPD settings, I can see how I can make alterations for the Tuscany demo, but I'm not sure about some of the others. Also, can anyone tell me where I enter ""fov_Desired 110" for Dear Esther? I know I'm supposed to but I can't find the right spot! :oops:


  • cyberealitycybereality Posts: 26,156 Oculus Staff
    For Dear Esther you can go into the options and enable the developer console. Then press "~" to open the console and type the command.
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  • SawersadamSawersadam Posts: 49
    Aha, thanks Cyber, that was the key piece I was missing!! :P
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