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New Retro Arcade for Cv1 by Digital CyberCherries



  • HappyHimitsuHappyHimitsu Posts: 993
    One of my favorite experiences as well. Got my BIL to try it out a couple of months ago on my DK2 and he competely forgot about the world around him and stayed in their for a full couple of hours. I didn't dare disturb his bliss. :D
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  • Bucks11Bucks11 Posts: 76
    Hiro Protagonist
    ####UPDATE LADS #####

    seems like a new retro arcade coming with multiplayer and the last version was not supposed to work with Cv1 just yet  :)
  • OmegaGenisisOmegaGenisis Posts: 26
    Brain Burst
    This is TOTALLY RAD News!!!
  • Bucks11Bucks11 Posts: 76
    Hiro Protagonist
    This is TOTALLY RAD News!!

    Isn't is unreal news , and with multiplayer  :):):):):)
  • AldhaAldha Posts: 27
    Brain Burst
    Yeah I can't wait to try this game. Sadly it's up for Runtime 0.8 only, not Runtime 1.3 yet...

    Although... I'm tempted to try this wrapper that plays 0.8 games and applications on 1.3 CV1s.
  • Ash7Ash7 Posts: 18
    I'm soooooo happy, and excited that a new version is in the works with multiplayer etc.!

    I'm also looking forward to their game looks awesome!
  • OmegaGenisisOmegaGenisis Posts: 26
    Brain Burst
    20 days since last post, hoping to hear something soon :)
  • AnotherCrazyCanadianAnotherCrazyCanadian Posts: 321
    Nexus 6

    yeah loved this one to, very well done. Always made me feel a bit nauseas though.

    Hear hear, exactly the same thing for me too. Love it but it always makes me nauseated.
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  • NjayNLNjayNL Posts: 137
    any updates?
  • hymanatorhymanator Posts: 16
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    The latest version was compiled for Oculus runtime 0.8 for the DK2. You can use a runtime switcher to toggle between the latest CV1 runtime and 0.8 to fix the height/scale issue (for DK2 owners). For those without a DK2, NewRetroArcade: NEON will be out "soon" on Steam, according to the dev's official website
  • TheKreatorTheKreator Posts: 11
    The demo is awesome!  So glad to finally play it correctly with the CV1!  Once you get the hang of customizing it and configuring, it's incredibly fun!  Once I get it up and running with my own custom mp3s for the cassette tapes, and a ton of arcade and SNES games, I lost track of how much time I spent in there!

    Seriously excited for the full version whenever it comes out.  And at least for me, learning how to customize this demo space has been a blast!
  • bigmike20vtbigmike20vt Posts: 4,354 Valuable Player
    I finally downloaded this!. Does anyone know if the full version will go beyond that room? ie I have a LOT of arcade games, will we be able to select from various different canvase sizes to make our arcade so if we have 200 games we can, or will what we have in the demo be what we work with?

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