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'Fated', first person adventure game, that requires joystick rotation......

danworlddanworld Posts: 127
I bought 'Fated' because this sort of game really appeals to me and the trailer looked nice. But then I noticed that it requires joystick rotation.

People are still making games like this? I thought this was a known poor practice of VR design since like 3 years ago.

The only way most people can comfortably play these sorts of games is if you can rotate your game body using your body in real life. This has become default for virtually all such vr games. The game in its current state is basically unplayable.

I'm considering asking for a refund. Though maybe the dev will fix this issue soon.


  • przecinekprzecinek Posts: 596
    Nexus 6
    Is it not possible to rotate yourself in a swivel chair?
  • danworlddanworld Posts: 127
    przecinek said:
    Is it not possible to rotate yourself in a swivel chair?

    Yes, one would assume.

    But you can rotate your head only. Your body, and thus your walking direction, is locked to your controller rotation, like a cockpit game. 
  • DchapzxDchapzx Posts: 71
    Hiro Protagonist
    That game makes me feel really sick Evan if I put the camera in snap mode ...
  • Shadowmask72Shadowmask72 Posts: 4,018 Valuable Player
    edited May 2016
    Beat this yesterday for review purposes. Hmmmm, very much a story telling experience rather than an actual game. I think they combated the motion sickness by making your character move very slow. It also elongates the game length.  ;)

    Dat ending though. :'(

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