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Galaxy Note 6 to include Google Daydream support?

Google just announced Google Daydream, a mobile VR platform baked into Android N. They said they were already working with 3rd party phone manufacturers (Samsung was named) to help them meet the specification and that some phones were expected later this year!

Given that the Note 6 is expected towards the end of the summer; What are the chances that it will include all of the needed hardware in-phone and be accompanied by a cheeper lighter headset, as well as being one of the first phones compatible with Daydream. The speculated use of a USB C type connector on the phone could back this up, since it would not require a connection to the headset.

There would be hurdles of course....
Do they have exclusively deals with Oculus?

Would they ditch Oculus? Not likely given the current user base

Can they support both platforms simultaneously? How?

Hmm mm. ...I wait in anticipation as my Note 4 contract comes to its end this autumn! :-)


  • darkangel6415darkangel6415 Posts: 148
    Hiro Protagonist
    Interested in reading more, link please
  • danworlddanworld Posts: 127
    I would bet that Note 6 will work. Samsung was listed as an official partner and Samsung is very interested in VR, they won't be left behind.

    The note 6 will be about the best Android phone available. Surely it will fit the minimum requirements for Daydream.

    The only problem I see might be related to its size: does it work with current Google Cardboard?
  • BolajiFlowshowBolajiFlowshow Posts: 27
    Brain Burst
    the question should be will it work with the current samsung gear VR?
  • hola91hola91 Posts: 3
    THAT is the question. If they put the Type-C connector in the next Note then this iteration of the VR is out. Do they make a new Gear VR to support the new Note? A lot of questions with the next Note in regards to Gear VR and VR alone. I'm excited for the answers though.
  • markmsmarkms Posts: 3
    edited August 2016
    Note 6 is not daydream ready, even now note 7 is not.

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