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My video card doesn't meet the expectations!

HuskrexHuskrex Posts: 1
I just recently got myself an Asus M32 desktop model. I've been using it to play Counter Strike: GO and it runs so much smoother than it did on my toaster laptop (which I somehow coped with for gaming). It has an i7 6700 CPU, 16 gigs of RAM and all the ports required. The issue is; it came with an AMD R9 370 graphics card.
Originally, I thought it was no problem because my dumb ass thought the R9 370 was much better than the required R9 290, not just a damned rebrand of the R9 270. My friend told me it wouldn't work at all, and suggested the NVIDIA GTX 970 card instead. Many people have told me that NVIDIA is much better than AMD but I hear sometimes that its a preference, so I think he's just biased toward NVIDIA. After running the compatibility tests and searching some things up, I was finally convinced that my AMD R9 370 card did not meet the Rift requirements.
Here's what I'm asking; if I were to go out and buy myself an Oculus Rift: Consumer Version and come home and set it up with said computer, would I be able to fully enjoy the oculus experience? Would it be choppy? Or would it just not work at all?
I think it'll be a little choppy, and my friend thinks it'll just crash whenever I try to set it up. Will this computer be able to run oculus or do I need to go out and get a new card, or just a new computer altogether? (I'm on a $1100 budget for the computer itself.)
Please specify if your answer is based off of facts or experience.
Thanks for answering!


  • RobHermansRobHermans Posts: 712
    It will probably work, not crash necessarily. However, some users have reported below-par performance even with the minimum spec GPUs, which could not only make you VR sick, but annoy you a bit more for not spending enough on your video card!
    That R9 370 is a budget card compared to the CPU/mobo/RAM you have, so I would recommend aiming to replace it. But there's no harm in giving it a test to see what performance you get.
    (that part is not from experience, I've never used that card!)

    In my experience, new hardware is released so regularly that you can start saving now and then buy a replacement when the current top of the line models begin to drop in price.
  • bizjerbizjer Posts: 118
    The cpu and ram are more than good enough. Wait until after june 10th and get an Nvidia 1070. Don't get the founders one though! This is factual!
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