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When will edge of nowhere appear for purchase instore?

Keylo415Keylo415 Posts: 101
Wish I could of pre ordered it and had it ready to go.. Can't wait!


  • RedRizlaRedRizla Posts: 8,012 Valuable Player
    No idea, I was talking to a guy in Big Screen the other night though and he was telling me it was out yesterday :)
  • jademanjademan Posts: 268
    Nexus 6
    Just downloaded it myself.  It's there in case you're still watching!
  • GenetixStudioGenetixStudio Posts: 770
    Anyone know the price yet? I'm planning to pick it up either way tonight.
  • SpyderSiSpyderSi Posts: 52
    Hiro Protagonist
  • Keylo415Keylo415 Posts: 101
    Just got home from work. Just purchased. Can't wait
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