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Payment Methods for the store

Hey there,

My friends got me a VR gear and I'm very happy with it, but I have encountered one problem... I don't have a credit card.... So I can only use free content and I want to be able to use the store. When are you going to fix this issue?


Skip van der Lande


  • RobHermansRobHermans Posts: 712
    edited June 2016
    Hoi Skip! How about using a pre-paid card such as ? Typically, you only have to provide proof of identity and your address (and have some money, of course!). When you receive it, it must be authorised before you can use it.
  • mambo1888mambo1888 Posts: 798
    I would always recommend Revolut. You get an app so you can use your card straight away before your physical card arrives in the post. They also offer very good exchange rate if paying in a different currency and there is no fee unlike a lot of cards.  Your app will notify you when its used so if someone other than yourself managed to get a hold of it you would find out if they tried to use it. Again as Rob has suggested its a top up card so no credit check or credit limit, you can only spend what you have top upped.
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