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Oculus missed my shipping window 5/30 - 6/9

NahkmanNahkman Posts: 2
Hi everyone!

First of all, have been a big fan of Oculus since DK1, but now I feel they have screwed me over a bit. Pre-ordered the rift in first 45 minutes, eventually got 5/30 - 6/9 shipping estimate (Finland), so far there has not been any progress, although got the "shipping soon" email last Friday. What's curious is that a lot of people who have ordered much later with much later shipping estimates are getting theirs shipped while I am overlooked. I know Oculus doesn't owe me anything but it's just a tad irksome that I still don't know when it's actually shipping. I've also created a support ticket last week on the last day of the shipping window but so far have not heard anything back.

Are some people in a similar situation here, or does anyone have any information on why this might have occurred, have got no payment failed notices either. How long does it usually take the support to answer..?


  • seyyedaseyyeda Posts: 7
    My order is only 1 day late so far but your post is not filling me wit confidence 
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