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Hot swap Oculus rift out and plug in HTC Vive using the same ports?

jackblastojackblasto Posts: 20
Brain Burst
In fear of messing up a perfectly good install I thought I'd ask here first to see if anyone has done this. My ports are pretty much used up at this point on my PC so Im wondering can I unplug the HDMI and USB's used by the Oculus Rift, put other stuff in utilizing those ports (such as the HTV Vive) and then (after using the HTC VIve unplug that and) go back to plugging in the Oculus rift and it would function like it did before in a nice install? Or would all this back and forth using the same ports minconfigure something along  the way? My goal is to get a HTC Vive but not get another computer. Any thoughts are welcome.


  • StreetPreacherStreetPreacher Posts: 232
    Nexus 6
    Hot swapping between Rift & Vive works fine.  You can even plug the Rift into the Vive breakout box which makes switching even easier!
  • goldenegggoldenegg Posts: 552
    I've actually found that plugging the Rift in to the Vive breakout box can solve issues with USB ports which don't provide consistent power output.  This is due to the USB port on the Vive breakout box being powered.
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