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Can we treat CV1 as another monitor?

cchunharascchunharas Posts: 2

I previously used DK2 and happy with the fact that I can simply treat it as another wide screen monitor.
That way, I have more freedom to use different software (e.g. MATLAB) to draw objects and 3d environment on it. 

I just got CV1 and so excited about how better it is in terms of FOV, resolution + audio system.
However, I found out that I can't just treat it as another monitor anymore.
I'm aware that we can use Virtual Desktop / Bigscreen from but it'd be great if we can avoid running another software on top of it. 

Thank you!

- CC   


  • rankinsectrankinsect Posts: 61
    Hiro Protagonist
    Even the DK2 only offered that in runtime 0.6 and before, I believe.

    The main reason extended mode was removed, I believe, was that it sucked in performance compared to direct driver mode, which makes better use of hardware VR support.  It was annoying that games that worked in 0.6 stopped after that, but those that made the transition to direct driver mode definitely play better nowadays.
  • cchunharascchunharas Posts: 2
    Thank you, Rankinsect. It would be great if we can decide which mode we want to use. :/ 
  • RenaudSRenaudS Posts: 18
    Brain Burst
    edited June 2016

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