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Instead of when I'm asking Why!!

sabyyysabyyy Posts: 33
Brain Burst
So the rift is still only available in 22 countries.

I am tired of watching the list not expanding at all in 6+ months and wondering when they will add more counties.

So instead I'm asking what is the reason for this limitation?

I was able to order the DK2 right away back then. From regulations perspective I do not see a difference. That was a tech gadget just like CV1.

Is that they simply don't care because it wouldn't mean any more profit to them to open up for more regions? This is the most probable answer.

And I have another why to ask.

Why don't they let orders through if I order the rift to a buddy in one of the 22 countries but pay with my own bank account? Then of course I'd pay for the additional postal fee to my country.

The only reason I can think of is the good old 'I told you'. 'I told you' only people in 22 countries can have it, so that will be it no matter what.

I don't see what kind of abuse or anything they are trying to prevent. I simply don't see half the globe suddenly starting to order rifts to buddies to the 22 countries. The 1 per customer still stands (which is totally fair and understandable btw). And additionally it appears they are catching up with their orders. So I simply don't get it.

They are acting almost as if CV1 was illegal here. But it's not like I am trying to order weed in Amsterdam then somehow get it to my country. No need to act like some kind of authority.

So anyone have any logical explanation for these two why's?
Even better an answer for the when? Though I gave up on getting any information on that.



  • kojackkojack Posts: 6,729 Volunteer Moderator
    sabyyy said:

    I was able to order the DK2 right away back then. From regulations perspective I do not see a difference. That was a tech gadget just like CV1.

    There's one massive difference between the DK2 and CV1 from a regulations perspective: CV1 contains wireless communications (the hmd and remote (and touch later) communicate wirelessly). That has a big effect on authorising devices for sale in a country. What's valid in one country may not even be legal in another (for example the wireless xbox one adapter can't be sold in japan due to the frequency it uses).

    That may not be the reason for some countries still not being able to order, but never underestimate a bureaucracy's ability to add delays.
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  • TraprockTraprock Posts: 126
    Sometimes credit card companies don't like when ship to and bill to are different addresses, especially if they're not even in the same country. Oculus might not want to hold up others from shipping because yours is going through extra security and verification.
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