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Difference between Rift Consumer Version, Dev Kit 1 and Dev Kit 2

Hello, i am  a beginner . I want to know Difference between Rift Consumer Version, Dev Kit 1 and Dev Kit 2


  • nosys70nosys70 Posts: 466
    edited July 2016
    mainly it is about screen quality and resolution.
    from software side, the dk1 is not supported anymore so it is just a museum piece.
    the DK2 still works very nicely and if you got one, there is no real reason to upgrade, while you can expect oculus to kill it soon by making a software upgrade to render it incompatible.
    So do not spendd 300 bucks on a 2nd hand, unsuported DK2, you could get better for your money.
    The consumer version has all you can get for your money today but is still pretty in its infancy, so expect better model to come soon.
    The oculus is basically a wearable monitor with sensor, so if you need these features only, you can get others choices on the market, from google cardoard to i-dont'know-what-chinese clone.
    The only criteria that could make go a way or another is the ecosystem behind the device.
    If you are a gamer, Vives is a googd alternative, while very similar in performance and price.
    But tsince you are purchasing a "monitor", you need to remeber you will need a computer too, and the requirements are pretty stiff and high-end.
    Or you can wait for sony ot other big names to release their solution.
    If you are just a guy who wants to be with the hype, Samsung Gear can be a solution or even a simple google cardboard to share that with friends around a beer.
    Strangely Apple totally ignored the virtual thing, so there is no official support yet.

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