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I can't return my Oculus Rift ? Seriously ?



  • tzuvelatzuvela Posts: 205
    I'm selling this Rfit on eBay now
    Well done!

    I've done the same thing and now I'm waiting for DRM free, Stream VR ready OSVR HDK2
    It's $399 and as a a bonus you get 2X red and blue subpixels compared to Vive and CV1
    (RGB screens :)
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  • HappyHimitsuHappyHimitsu Posts: 993
    walleo said:
    Just wanted to add my own two cents as well. As the OP, i got my Rift and was not impressed at all. I already have the Gear VR for my samsung 7 phone and to me, the difference between the rift and the gear VR was almost non existent. For an item that cost me almost $700 this wasn't acceptable to me. I reached out to oculus that i wanted a refund and they told me the same thing. They said, since i opened it i couldn't return it, i was outraged. How else would i know if i wanted it without testing it? Needless to say, they told me they couldn't make exceptions and i was stuck with it. i had the oculus listed on amazon the next day and though it took me almost a week to sell i finally got it sold for 719 after which i was left with about 630 when amazon took out their fees. i would had made a profit had it not been for amazon's outrageous fees, all in all im only left with a $50 deficit/loss which isnt too bad. i would like to warn anybody here getting their oculus to watch out and make sure they really want this product before buying. if you already have a gear VR you might not like what you end up seeing.
    Hmmm, so the added positional tracking (personally I could never go back to an HMD without positional tracking), the much higher refresh rate and the ability to play real games mean nothing to you? Ok.  

    Yeah, the Rift is aimed more towards serious gamers, the crowd who just want to sit back on their work break and play a couple little Android games are better off sticking with the Gear VR.   
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