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Here's a Glovepie code for the Wii BBoard to play FPS games with VorpX (requires PPjoy and x360ce))

OneTooOneToo Posts: 17
Brain Burst
I made a code to move in games using the Wii Balance Board. I made it with VorpX in mind.  PPjoy and Tocaedit x360ce is required. PPjoy has to be ran in Test Mode (this may be a no no for some). There may be issues if you have vjoy installed. Make a savepoint before installing. Normally you just have to copy the x360ce files into the main game exe directory. Google instructions if you run into issues with a particular game. I haven't gotten it to work with Steam games just yet, but i'm sure this a way. The only game i've tested it with so far is Dishonored and it works really well moving and looking around simultaneously.

I implemented Analog movement and WASD along with 360 controller emulation (i don't own a xbone controller), but vibration doesn't work. If i can figure out how to use two controllers as one with x360ce, i can do away with the 360 controller emulation in the Glovepie script and vibration should function properly.

I also implemented jumping if both feet are off of the balance board, but if you don't get back on, the jumping command continues. If anyone knows a way to make it time out, please share.

Maybe this can be done with Freepie and Vjoy but i haven't tried it and i don't know if the Balance Board is compatible with Freepie. This code can probably be adapted to be used with the Mayflash Wii Bar. Just like the wiimote, you need to connect the balance board to the PC using Bluetooth. My adapter is compatible with Toshiba software which works well and i have it set up to auto connect using Wiipair (use WiiPair GUI.exe to sync the BB).

You can grab the Glovepie code from pastebin. Download and save it with a .pie extention.
I uploaded ppjoy, Glovpie 0.43 and Wiipair to for convience.
key: !3dh8hsj0bU2y7UwvayvZTdq3KjdKCzDaSZ9PuV6VVzg
You can visit to download a compatible version of X360ce.

Wii Balance Boards can be found on Craigslist for an average of $20 US. I typed in "toshiba bluetooth adapter" in the search field to find a compatible bluetooth adapter which may come with Toshiba software. I'm using an older version Azio bluetooth adapter but i'm not sure if the newer version is compatible.


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