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Tips for Streaming the Oculus rift on twitch?

primocellprimocell Posts: 40
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edited June 2016 in Community
im currently running a gtx 1080(as well as a i7 4790k) that i bought purely for supporting rift streaming. i have a couple issues im trying to solve so wanted to see what ideas yall had.

1. When streaming if i turn my head quickly 30% of the time ill get a noticeable stutter.
2. The framerate is stable but doesn't feel 90(more like 80ish) so any ideas for optimizing that would be helpful
3. Sometimes the sound goes out while streaming with the rift, still testing this and it might be game specific.

Im using OBS to stream and i know most of how it works(been streaming over a year) so if any other twitch streamers out their have an advice hit me with it:)


  • I am no expert. I've been meaning to start streaming for a while but what can I say, I'm a very lazy person. Listen, it is very important to have details about our upload rate before streaming. There are a few websites and software which may help you to know about your details. Now, what you want to do is to follow some guidance with specific details about different framerates, fps and stuff...

    This Twich Streaming Guide might do some help. let us know how far did you go.
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