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Oculus Says Shipping Woes Are Behind Them, “Judge us on our Touch Launch”

FrozenPeaFrozenPea Posts: 2,535 Valuable Player
edited September 2016 in General
Link to Road to VR article

I'm gonna remain optimistic, as I would think Oculus wouldn't say something like this without being completely certain it is true, otherwise they know its setting themselves up for a big fall.


  • notsramnotsram Posts: 1,238
    Oculus have said a lot of things that have, at best, only flirted with the truth. Time will tell, but I hope for everyones sake that the launch goes smoothly. The sooner Touch is out there for you guys, the better :)
  • WarblokeWarbloke Posts: 931

    Ooh, so this article says "Oculus has been riding on its promise to deliver them on time in Q4 of 2016 with a library of quality launch titles"

    Dear Santa...

    "You can't believe everything you read on the Internet " :- Abraham Lincoln 
  • danknugzdanknugz Posts: 1,989
    Does anyone have any concere info as to when pre orders start? I thought it was already states October?
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  • FrozenPeaFrozenPea Posts: 2,535 Valuable Player
    danknugz said:
    Does anyone have any concere info as to when pre orders start? I thought it was already states October?
    Nope but we will definitely find out from Oculus Connect 3 on the 5-7th of Oct. :)
  • HiThere_HiThere_ Posts: 1,296
    If they produce more Touch controllers then CV1 sold before the release date, they can't go wrong :)
  • CrashFuCrashFu Posts: 1,756 Valuable Player
    It'd be nice if they'd start fulfilling those reserved pre-order slots before the Touch games even start coming out, instead of waiting to launch them on the same day, even if they're confident they'll be able to ship an infinite number of Touch units simultaneously...

    I mean, I have no doubt that they've manufactured enough for all of us, but there's got to be some logistical limit to how many they can ship on the same day, right?  And if we get ours early, we could always entertain ourselves with the tech demos on SteamVR while we wait for the AAA Oculus games to release, eh? :wink:
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  • Mr.CreepyMr.Creepy Posts: 792
    edited September 2016
    Don't judge us when we screw up, judge us when we succed! :wink:
  • kevinw729kevinw729 Posts: 5,711 Valuable Player

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