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Got My Oculus Glasses!



  • DavidLivelyDavidLively Posts: 6
    edited September 2016
    Make prescription Rift lenses. Charge me $500. I'll happily hand over my credit card and second-born child. (He has it coming, anyway.)
  • TC1999TC1999 Posts: 184
    Cyber are your glasses single vision. Do you use normal everyday glasses in the rift. I now have glasses for when using the monitor, reading glasses and my normal ones for general use.

    Which do I use in the rift?
  • nAV2016nAV2016 Posts: 516
    I need to where glasses in the rift but mine simply are not comfortable, without the glasses the picture is looking blurry/washy. Cyber looks like we have alternative
  • bigmike20vtbigmike20vt Posts: 3,809 Valuable Player
    edited September 2016
    Out of curiosity does this mean the FREE inserts we were meant to be getting to use with glasses is now 100% out of the window?  I am a bit miffed at that to be honest.

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  • inovatorinovator Posts: 1,813
    Project 2501
    I have glasses where I cut the frames (that go around the ears) off.I use string in its place. The comfort is amazing without those frames.
  • HiThere_HiThere_ Posts: 1,275
    While cutting out glass branches is a working solution to a half baked CV1, the better solution is to cut out VR headsets with no diopter dials out of the VR industry : I got tricked once, but now that I have I was so disappointed I am never buying one of those again.
  • StreetPreacherStreetPreacher Posts: 224
    Nexus 6
    Has anyone had issues with their eyeglasses scratching the Rift lenses?  I'd prefer to wear my glasses since my contacts are usually dried out by night time, which is when I do most gaming...  
  • TwoHedWlfTwoHedWlf Posts: 2,234 Valuable Player
    No scratching of the rift lenses or the glasses here.  Glasses are completely unnoticeable in the rift, only problem is I find they do shift just a tiny enough bit that my eyelashes touch my glasses.  So I end up with bunches of little eyelash smudges right in front of my eyes on my glasses. 
  • cyberealitycybereality Posts: 26,156 Oculus Staff
    edited September 2016
    @TC1999 The glasses I use for Rift are the same prescription as my everyday glasses. I am near-sighted, my strength is around -3.5, I believe. The narrow rimless frames fit perfectly, though I had to try on dozens of glasses to find these ones that worked. I haven't had a problem with scratches.
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  • TC1999TC1999 Posts: 184
    Thanks for letting me know that helps.
  • fuchsi891fuchsi891 Posts: 63
    Hiro Protagonist
    edited September 2016
  • fuchsi891fuchsi891 Posts: 63
    Hiro Protagonist
    i got this one and i will get fielmann lenses for it, this frame got the same shape like the rift lenses.
  • kevinjohndohertykevinjohndoherty Posts: 1
    Where can I get that lense adapter? Is it available as a 3D printable file somewhere? Also, what Fielmann lenses or frame were you going to use? It seems similar to to this approach which uses 43mm zenni optical lenses:

    It appears like the one you posted uses wider lenses.
  • fuchsi891fuchsi891 Posts: 63
    Hiro Protagonist
    edited September 2016 i got the one you are postet this one got bigger lenses ...which lenses i choose i could tell you in a few days. greez
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