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How to hide bluetooth mouse cursor?

Ser3nitySer3nity Posts: 22
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edited October 2015 in Samsung Gear VR

I'm working on a Gear VR app in Unity3D that is using a bluetooth mouse as input device. Unfortunately, as soon as you move the mouse, the 2D android mouse cursor comes up, which is doing nothing good in VR, of course. Is there any way to hide it? (No, "Cursor.visible = false" does not work on Android.)

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  • Ser3nitySer3nity Posts: 22
    Brain Burst
    The GearVR touchpad is like a mouse, too, so I think this has been solved in the mobile SDK somewhere. I stumbled upon a message in my logcat:

    D/PointerIcon( 951): setMouseCustomIcon IconType is same.101

    Where is that coming from...?! In fact, it's so commom when you google for it, you get lots of logcat outputs. Is that an API call from somewhere. How to use that?


    PS: I found another way to get rid of the mouse cursor for good, but it's very, very nasty.
  • SweetJVSweetJV Posts: 11
    I've just run into this same problem, and am going mad trying to figure out how to hide the mouse icon.

    After a bunch of google-ing, it sounds like maybe there is no standard way to do it. However, it sounds like in Android 7.0 they're introducing a new API for custom mouse pointers:

    Unfortunately, that doesn't help me today. Any chance you could share what your hack was to nuke the mouse cursor?
  • SweetJVSweetJV Posts: 11
    Huh. Not sure if it was the latest GearVR update I installed, but it seems like the GearVR main menu and other apps (I tried 360 photos) DO somehow hide the mouse cursor. Maybe it's hidden in all GearVR apps now?

    Unfortunately, the thing I'm working on also has to work with Google's Cardboard VR. So, that doesn't really help me. Except now I know it's for sure possible to do.

    If any Oculus people see this, can you tell me the magic trick? How do you hide the mouse cursor?
  • jaycodejaycode Posts: 1
    @SweetJV @Ser3nity Have you guys found a solution for this?
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