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Windlands User Reviews



  • brantlewbrantlew Posts: 540 Oculus Staff
    edited December 2016
    5 STARS
    The Touch controllers add a bit more finesse to the game.  My favorite discovery was learning to shoot the grapples on opposite sides of the holes in trees and sling-shot myself through the center.  It's a maneuver that's almost impossible without Touch because you normally have to shoot each grapple in sequence which throws off your trajectory.  But Touch allows you to pull it off simultaneously and squeeze through some tiny holes.

    There are some maneuvers which I find a bit more difficult with Touch however.  For some reason I can't scrample from the underside of a tree to the top quite as easily as I can with a gamepad.  My son actually went back to the gamepad after a while because he preferred it, and I actually appreciate now how well the game works with gamepad - but all-in-all I think Touch improves the game.

    Edit:  One thing I'm curious about is whether swinging your arms actually provides any momentum.  It's a very intuitive and satisfying reaction to swing and pull your arms in ways that would normally provide extra push and momentum (ie. similar to how you pump yourself on a swing).  But I can't tell if it's actually doing anything in the game or just giving me a nice placebo effect.  I'm curious for some real experts to get their hands on the game to evaluate this.
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