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For the users that own both Rift and Vive.

tranceology3tranceology3 Posts: 804
I would like to know from the people who own the Vive, or used it for an extended amount of time how much better the Touch controllers are compared to the Vive wands.  

I have always been impressed with the Rift but due to the lack of motion controllers it never kept me interested. Now that Touch is out with a more refined controller, I am excited to jump back into the Oculus ecosystem; so how does the complete package compare to Vive?. Is it justifiable to purchase a Rift with Touch now, even though I have the Vive. In an honest answer will I be experiencing something new and overall a much better experience with the new controllers? 

Money is not a main issue, but the guilt of spending close to $1k on a whole other VR system makes me hold back, really asking myself - do I need this, will it fulfill my desire to try this new VR system or will I get buyers remorse thinking it's not worth the money for an almost similar experience.

I had already planned to drop $1k on the new DJI Mavic, but while that is still out of stock I might jump into a new VR system and reignite the excitement.

So for those who have both - how does it compare? 


  • KLOWN2KLOWN2 Posts: 44
    Brain Burst
    I have both and I play with both including the PSVR but I will tell what the HTC VIVE and Oculist Rift feels like to me,if I feel tired at all I play with Oculus Rift since their space is more compact and most games I can play sitting down, but if I have extra energy the HTC VIVE will get you tired believe me more exciting on some games too,longer strides around your perimeter and now that I got my TPcast hardware my HTC VIVE is wireless.That is how I feel about my systems I play with all of them including the Auravisor I am only a fan of VR I don't care who makes it I play to enjoy.I am saving for the new quadcopter right now but I think my kids got me.
  • tranceology3tranceology3 Posts: 804
    edited December 2016
    @KLOWN2 So you have the TPcast now? Or are you saying you have it on order? You will soon have it?

    I thought it wasn't out till 2017?
  • CharlieHobbesCharlieHobbes Posts: 555
    You're asking for opinions, and as long as that is clear I will give mine. 

    I have a Vive and a Rift, both pretty much since they came out. 

    I did play on the Vive quite a bit when I just got it, because of the novelty of the tracked controllers and some software I really liked but with both headsets sitting next to each other I ended up picking up the Rift whenever I had a choice. 

    I played lots of Elite Dangerous, Project Cars and American Truck simulator with the appropriate peripherals and always picked the Rift for that (much more comfortable, and built in earphones are great)

    I lost some interest in "Roomscale" games as I was busy and tired quite often, so the Vive got used less and less. 

    Now with Touch I can do most of the stuff I enjoyed on the Vive, but using the Rift. 
    I don't see any need for the Vive anymore at this point, for me personally that is. 

    I basically bought a £800 breakout box I use with my Rift....

    It is what it is, and this is all personal preference of course.
    At least the collection is still complete and I've got everything from DK1 to CV1 and a Vive to one day show my grandkids and tell them the tale of the birth of VR, right after I explain the concept of a CRT monitor to them, and cassettes, and rotary phones....

    I feel old now, I need a nap. 
  • YbalridYbalrid Posts: 248
    I have a rift at home and have access to a Vive at school. I have a preference for the rift in term of the headset itself (better ergonomics and integrated audio is awesome!)

    I spent half the day playing with the Touch. (or patching my little game engine to be touch compatible) I think the hand controller "input philosophy" is different. Touch is a "proxy" for your hands while the Vive wands are like holding some kind of stick. The additional finger tracking on the touch controller is actually really nice.

    Personally both systems are as good as the other one on the PC. Rift can play all vive content now that touch is out. People do play Rift content on vive with some software that hack the library (revive I think it's called).

    So yeah, between the two of theses I'll took the rift for the better ergonomics, the ease of use and setup. I'm waiting for my 3rd sensor and I'll have room-scale here. It's basically already working even for vive stuff but when my back face the computer the tracking is poor. I cannot setup the experimental 360 config of touch because I lack an USB extension cable. ^^"
    CV1+Touch; Running on GTX980 - 4770K - 32GB DDR3

    I'm writing a C++ open-sourcre game engine for the Rift -
    For now it's only used for my student projects at my engineering school
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