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Exporting Model for 3D printing?

BlackBansheeBlackBanshee Posts: 15
Medium is amazing and am having a lot of fun.  I have a 3D printer and would like to export the model, but when I click "export" I just get a brief flash of the Medium logo and then I am popped right back into the model with no message or anything that indicates the export was successful?  Is the export function not working or if it is, then where is the export file located?  thanks


  • FrozenPeaFrozenPea Posts: 2,535 Valuable Player
    It might be in your 'My Documents' Folder, thats where my photos were saved :)
  • falken76falken76 Posts: 2,901 Valuable Player
    do a wildcard search.  Search for *.obj and hope you don't have a bunch of OBJ files on your system already that you'll have to look through....
  • Righty_82Righty_82 Posts: 2

    Is where I found mine. 

    Impressive program!
  • aleczalecz Posts: 19
    Brain Burst

    I'm having a hard time trying to import my texture in Shapeways. I'm trying to convert my obj into .dae or .x3d (they dont allow upload of obj an mtl). Anyone has any advice? 

    BTW that'd be great to have a feature 'export direct to shapeways' in Medium, and/or tools to clean mesh after decimation. Shapeways or else, I dont mind the provider . :)


  • aleczalecz Posts: 19
    Brain Burst
    FYI, im trying to convert my obj to .x3d with MeshLab.
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