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Touch games that dont rely on Teleport movement only

PablitoPablito Posts: 361
I wanna buy the touch controls and some games, but I hate teleport movement.  Is there any titles out there that incorporate other forms of movement(where locomotion is needed)?  Surgeon Simulator and quill are fine, but howbout games like Arizona Sunshine?  The video appears to show the option, buts it not clear.  Thanx for the help.


  • Baz_uKBaz_uK Posts: 136
    Ummm, not too many I don't think. Only one I know of is one I'm making lol I set touch controls similar to xbox controller.  Works well, problem is not everybody has VR feet yet, so could upset some!
  • maxpare79maxpare79 Posts: 1,783
    Project 2501
    Arizona is teleportation, your best bet is Onward
    I am a spacesim/flightsim/racesim enthusiast first :-) I7 [email protected], 16gb RAM/ Asus 1080 Strix Former DK2 Owner/Gear VR owner/CV1
  • weasel47weasel47 Posts: 301
    Windlands has thumbstick running/strafing and turning. 
  • SyndroidSyndroid Posts: 242
    Nexus 6
    Doom 3 
  • haydxnhaydxn Posts: 42
    Brain Burst
    I've been having lots of fun with Climbey on steam. It's a climbing/jumping get-to-the-flag game, with a really nice locomotion system.

    holding the grip buttons and waving your hands in a 'running on the spot' manner causes you to walk forwards. To jump, you grab the air in front of you with the triggers with both hands, and then pull yourself forwards/up as you release them, launching yourself with the corresponding force and direction. It feels remarkably intuitive, and it has a variety of effective comfort measures. Climbing and leaping around is very fun!
  • MaxxgoldMaxxgold Posts: 518
    edited December 2016
    Check out Onward, its an awesome FPS in VR! Also, Obduction.
  • StreetPreacherStreetPreacher Posts: 232
    Nexus 6
    edited December 2016
    Maxxgold said:
    Check out Onward, its an awesome FPS in VR! Also, Obduction.
    Have you heard of any plans to add Touch support to Obduction?  It might actually detract from the game, since so few of the objects are actually interactive it might end up being frustrating to have 'hands'?

    But yes, Obduction does offer PROPER locomotion options, and because of this it's a pleasure to explore!
  • PablitoPablito Posts: 361
    Ok. These are all good leads.  Thanx guys.
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