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Household/Family accounts?

mambo1888mambo1888 Posts: 798
Im just wondering if its possible to create a Family or Household account so that multiple users could play the games purchased on your account but not disrupt your progress or saved games? Ive seen a few people saying that certain games dont have multiple save slots so when they show off games to friends and family they have to pick up from their save game.

It got me thinking if there was a way to link Gamertags within a household you could create multiple users for the family without having to buy the game multiple times, or create a guest sub account so you could show off games to friends without disrupting your progress and allowing them to see whats going on from the start.

The accounts and games could be linked to the one Oculus headset so that you cant buy the game and share it with friends for free but if the accounts are linked you are able to play as long as its on the linked headset.

Not sure if that makes sense or not but it would good to at least be able to log in and then select guest when showing friends and family, then the progress/saves aren't affected.


  • mambo1888mambo1888 Posts: 798
    Anyone know if this is possible, or something similar?
  • juup87juup87 Posts: 21
    Brain Burst
    Should saved games be in Appdata folder? If so then you can use theoretically another windows accound. I haven't tried this but it should work in theory.

  • HoIIywoodHoIIywood Posts: 325
    Hi mambo, each device is tied to a username and that username has a profile. Each profile has save content both locally and I believe in a cloud. 

    You would need to have multiple Rifts in order to accomplish this.
  • mambo1888mambo1888 Posts: 798
    Cheers for the info guys. It seems a bit restrictive, If you were able to log in and then select guest for when you wanted to demo games would be easier. Maybe its a feature that will be added down line somewhere.
  • Hiro_Protag0nistHiro_Protag0nist Posts: 4,925 Valuable Player
    Totally agree with this - i've got a 15 year old son who likes to play and it's very restrictive the way most games are at the moment.
  • KaffisKaffis Posts: 5
    This is really a much-needed feature, especially at this stage of the technology's development.

    We're the early adopters, and we're showing this stuff off to our friends. Having them not able to hit up the tutorials on games because we've already done them (and many of the games so far have awful checkpoint systems and inaccessible or absent means to replay previous levels) is a barrier to their introduction to the game in addition to being annoying to us as we then return to a game that's not where we left off.

    Right now, in this stage of growing the market, this is a more important feature than friends lists and hosting private multiplayer matches, simply because I'm not going to have friends playing this stuff until and unless I can impress them enough by showing my own Rift off to have them go invest.
  • mambo1888mambo1888 Posts: 798
    Yeah really hope they look into adding this as a feature in the near future. Its also something the game developers need to think about, offering multiple save slots could help a lot with this.

  • mambo1888mambo1888 Posts: 798
    @cybereality do you know if this is something Oculus are looking to introduce at some point?
  • ShizNixShizNix Posts: 1
    I'm wanting to buy another rift setup for family but will in no way pay for 1 game 2 or 3 times just so each family member can play a game while I use a different game or app. Any help on this? The Oculus rep at Best Buy had no answers.
  • NeubaujeNeubauje Posts: 4
    edited April 2017
    I'm trying to be a good sport and share my new Rift/Touch/gaming rig with my boyfriend, but we have very different tastes in games, and we keep our finances separate. As such, I've set him up with his own Oculus profile from which to purchase his own games, and he accesses it by switching which profile is logged in on the computer. It works out great, except when he wants to play some of the games I own, like Robo Recall- which somehow came to me for free, but not to him? Even though we're both using the Touch controllers?

    Steam has a way to link accounts for family/household members so you can access each other's library... I can stomach needing to download and install two copies of the same game, as ridiculous as that sounds, because I have plenty of storage space for now. But I do NOT think it's fair to have to BUY two copies of the same game to play on the same machine with the same Rift headset, just so two different people can play it.
  • GichanaiGichanai Posts: 1
    Family/Houdsehold account is a critical feature which is an absolute necessity.  We have a research/development team composed of a dozen people(and need to retain separate computer login accounts), and we are in this situation where we need to purchase the same titles a dozen times each so that we can have coherent conversations among colleagues.  This is an unnecessary expense, and is DEFINITELY A DEALBREAKER unless fixed.  Any suggestions to get around this limitation will be greatly appreciated...
  • kojackkojack Posts: 6,014 Volunteer Moderator
    Neubauje said:
    like Robo Recall- which somehow came to me for free, but not to him? Even though we're both using the Touch controllers?
    Robo Recall, Medium, Quill and some of the other free things lock themselves to the account that was active when the Touch controllers were first configured. If you were logged in then you get them for free. Any other account (even with the same controllers on the same computer) needs to pay for them.

  • JaimieVandenberghJaimieVandenbergh Posts: 255
    Nexus 6
    Gichanai said:
    Family/Houdsehold account is a critical feature which is an absolute necessity.  We have a research/development team composed of a dozen people
    Commercial use would surely not be covered by a "family/household" agreement anyway. If it's not commercially viable, you need to build a new business plan. You may find discussions directly with Oculus would be fruitful, too.
  • SkirlockSkirlock Posts: 4
    I just bought my first Rift 2 weeks ago. I plugged it into my computer in my Home office where I expected it to stay. My wife tried it and became very interested, so then I moved it to the Game Room. Now this Week I purchased another Rift for my office again. So I too am very interested in how any family plans might work. I will keep my eyes on the forum for future updates
  • BardzlyBardzly Posts: 1
    edited January 2018
    I would certainly appreciate not having to rebuy games or change accounts every time a different one of my family logs on. We have 2 rifts set up with different accounts and as the games are expensive I would prefer not rebuying just to play them on my rift.
  • escapppeescapppe Posts: 22
    Brain Burst
    Just for your info, the same bypass people use to play rift games on vive allows people to play bought rift games on different clients. redit is full of informations to this topic, just use your searchskills. As long as you are the legit owner of one software licence (at least here in germany) you are allowed to share the game on your own clients in your houshold withour fear of beeing accused of piracy.

    another tip for you guys who want to show off the rift to their friends without destroying their own savegames:
    Games like "The Climb" (most games that don't offer different saveslots) have an cloud savegame storage. Just disconnect from the internet and you will face a game with 0% progress - beware you wont be able to save progress for your friends!
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