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Arizona Sunshine: Current state? Playable or Crashfest?

TraprockTraprock Posts: 126
I have been looking to either get this or Serious Sam VR.  I keep seeing reviews for AS that are either "Amazing, best game ever for VR" or "Can not play, instant crashing".
I see the same results on AS's STEAM store page as well.  If I do get it, I'd like to get it on Oculus Home, but at least STEAM has a return policy.


  • ThugThug Posts: 435
    I bought it just before Christmas and its not crashed once.
    I am only 20 mins in or so (the part where you lower the bridge), but have also played horde a few times too.
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  • kojackkojack Posts: 6,371 Volunteer Moderator
    I've finished AS (and done some horde mode), not a single crash so far and it's probably my favourite VR game now.
    (I'm on the oculus home version)

  • ImeleonImeleon Posts: 106
    Same here. Played it about 5-6 times no issues. Home version. 
  • TraprockTraprock Posts: 126
    OK.  Glad to here it.  Saw so many with crashing issue, I was afraid to buy on Oculus home.
  • WarbadgerWarbadger Posts: 1
    I bought it in the sale and completed it yesterday. It was great fun, now trying to go through on apocolyptic. Horde mode is great, too, but I rarely find people to group with. Great investment, especially the mine level with the torch mechanic.
  • ratsflifratsflif Posts: 9
    I have it on steam vr.  I've beaten the single player and played a ton of horde.  I've had it crash maybe 3 times but all on start up, never in the middle of a game.
  • Comic_Book_GuyComic_Book_Guy Posts: 1,212
    Crashed half a dozen times for me. Biggest waste of $38 I've spent in a while. These devs insult us. It shouldn't have been released so unstable, and weeks go by with no fix.
  • TraprockTraprock Posts: 126
    KK, now I think I'm going to hold off again.  Maybe it's just a driver issue, but sounds like something the devs might have to address.

  • rVRclosetrVRcloset Posts: 386
    I first got it on steam, but constantly craching on start up.. Refunded and bought it on Oculus store instead. 
    Have been working fine, completed it a couple of days ago, and also done some horde mode, haven't tried coop yet. 
    It's an awesome game!

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  • Flash-ManFlash-Man Posts: 1
    Would love to try Coop mode but no one is ever available.
  • richhard1richhard1 Posts: 606
    edited December 2016
    Hasn't yet crashed for me, currently in campaign mode around 2 hours in. (steam version)
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  • kojackkojack Posts: 6,371 Volunteer Moderator
    At least from this small sample it sounds like a pattern: Steam version is more likely to crash than oculus home version. How about you @Daddoofly78? Did you get it on steam or home?

  • edmgedmg Posts: 1,158
    I've only played the OH version for about 30 minutes, but no crashes so far.
  • CrashFuCrashFu Posts: 1,756 Valuable Player
    I played a few hours yesterday, only had one crash (right after the very first area, crashed while trying to load "the bridge" area).

    Although I'm starting to think I should invest in a third sensor before playing much more of this;   Maybe I just set my sensors up badly that day or need to give them a quick polish with the ol' micro-fiber or something, but the tracking seemed worse than any other Touch games I've played with two sensors so far. :confused:
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  • SteffenSteffen Posts: 97
    Hiro Protagonist
    No problem for me today perhaps they fixed some bugs in the update. 
  • nalex66nalex66 Posts: 5,400 Volunteer Moderator
    CrashFu said:
    I played a few hours yesterday, only had one crash (right after the very first area, crashed while trying to load "the bridge" area).
    I've had one crash with this game, at this same part. Loaded back up after the crash and continued without any further issue. 
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  • jtisgeekjtisgeek Posts: 2
    It has crashed on me a couple of times just at random but it hasn't kept me from enjoying the game.
  • CharlieHobbesCharlieHobbes Posts: 555
    I completed this game (bought on Oculus Home) several times.
    I had no issue with crashes at all. 

    Given that this is a PC game there always is the possibility that some combinations of hardware have issues but I couldn't possibly classify this game as broken if it runs without issues on the majority of systems. 
  • CLParkerCLParker Posts: 80
    Hiro Protagonist
    I left a review basically stating that it's fun while it lasted, because it was a crashfest for me. Definitely not worth what I paid for it.
  • ApuXteuApuXteu Posts: 1
    I bought the game a few days ago and after a few minutes of playing the game it crashed and now i cant even start it anymore - it crashes instantly. Im sure its fun to play, so i hope i can find a way to solve this issue.
  • jackhammerVRjackhammerVR Posts: 18
    Brain Burst
    I bought it from the Oculus store. It's crashed a few times on me - but starting a new campaign usually clears the crashes and I've been able to complete the game on Normal. It's one of the very best Oculus Touch games that I've played. I have both it and Serious Sam and I think AS is more fun (it's more of a story where Serious Sam is simply a wave shooter).
  • SuperTuckSuperTuck Posts: 119
    OP the key is to run at settings that don't trigger ASW. This game goes unstable as hell and crashes if you push the graphics even a bit. Instead of performance just suffering it just crashes or won't load.
  • TraprockTraprock Posts: 126
    Well, I bought it.  About to take the plunge.  Fingers crossed.
  • LeaderOfTheBlindLeaderOfTheBlind Posts: 14
    Might just be me, but this crashes all the time if I have the Steam client open. As soon as Steam is closed it's smooth sailing. Got most of the settings cranked up with a 980ti and this is probably my favourite VR game so far. Raw Data and Bullet Sorrow are also a lot of fun! 
  • TraprockTraprock Posts: 126
    It crashed at the bridge but that's it.  I played it all the way until getting the key for the jeep at the mine office.  Died there and is a nice place to take a break.  Very fun game.  Need a bigger office for room scale.  Hit everything in the room trying to pick things up.
    The teleportation is AS is better than others because you can change facing as you teleport, but overall it still sucks compared to natural locomotion.
  • StreetPreacherStreetPreacher Posts: 232
    Nexus 6
    Damn, is this still teleport only?  I thought they had finally added stick locomotion... oh well.
  • shanafshanaf Posts: 59
    Hiro Protagonist
    It crashes for me occasionally, it also takes so long to load that I'm put off playing it most the time cos I'm so impatient lol 
  • sephrothsephroth Posts: 18
    I've played AS for about 3 hours now between hoard mode and the campaign. I think it's only crashed twice on me, although never at startup. Oculus home version here as well. Buy the game, you'll enjoy it. The teleport mechanics kind of kill the immersion, but after a bit I don't even notice it any more. 
  • iTsLiKeAnEgGiTsLiKeAnEgG Posts: 21
    I've put 3-4 hours into it so far with no crashing. Oculus Home version. 
  • Paul_BlythePaul_Blythe Posts: 326
    Have played about 3hrs on the Steam version of AS. Had a few crashes, but it's always been at start-up and never in game. 

    Had to uninstall it and the Budget Cuts demo... Was wondering why there was only 10GB left on my SSD, then realised that Stream had defaulted to C: drive after an update :s Only just installing again, had far to much normal stuff to do of late :/
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