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Samsung Galaxy S7 overheating after 10 minutes of use, help!

So i was given the Gear VR headset for Christmas, but it seems I can only use it for roughly 10 mins. before I get the message on the screen that the phone needs to cool down, and to disconnect it from the headset.  My bf has the same phone and headset and can be on it for hours with no problems.  I did some research and found a lot of stories of the Oculus app. causing the issue (along with battery draining), and instructs to uninstall and allow it to re-install the latest version of it, however that didn't work.  Do I HAVE to have the Oculus app installed in order to use the Gear? I'd hate to have to return it, but I might have to if I can't get to the bottom of this.  Also, I did make sure that all other apps were closed. 


  • wwdragonwwdragon Posts: 1
    Try not putting on the cover. I know the manual says to but I didn't and have yet to have a heating issue and I can play for hours at a time
  • Tonio50Tonio50 Posts: 11
    I find if you use it in a very warm room it can overheat very quickly....try a cool room.. You can also get a fan which can help. Which model of the VR do you have?

    I got one of these
  • rylamprylamp Posts: 1
    "Try not putting the cover on, and don't use it in a warm room?" Are you guys kidding with these ridiculously stupid answers? NEITHER of those two things is what's causing the problem. The problem is being caused by the Oculus software, and they STILL haven't fixed the problem. I have an S7 Edge, and just purchased the Gear VR 2016. I've NEVER had a problem with my phone running hot or draining the battery until I installed the Oculus software, and I have the latest version as of 3/24/2018, which was SUPPOSED to have fixed the problem, but obviously hasn't. I'm on here searching for a solution like everyone else, and run into these "did you make sure it's plugged in" equivalent answers.  
  • BkaseryBkasery Posts: 1
    edited April 2018
    Oh , that's why i switched to iPhone , at least ,there is no flaw in iPhone's cooling function.
  • PhaserlightPhaserlight Posts: 163
    I use a refrigerated gel pack and 2 rubber bands to deal with my S6 overheating:

    For a tolerable bit of extra weight and setup time it solves the issue with 100% efficacy.
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