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Suggestions: filter by OS and revision history

benmartzbenmartz Posts: 6
edited September 2013 in Oculus Share
Great concept overall.

1. Please consider adding a top level filter by OS so I can focus on apps that run on my computer.
2. iRacing is shown as version 2. It would be great to know what changed since version 1. Please consider adding a revision history detail view.



  • AdamsImmersiveAdamsImmersive Posts: 166
    Hiro Protagonist
    Both good ideas! I was just about to post #1.

    It seems a lot of Oculus demos don't have a Mac (or Linux) version even if they come from Unity. I'm always going back and forth on whether to install a Windows boot partition on my Mac's SSD, but at the end of the day it's never worth the space. SSDs are fast but not cheap! I doubt I'd do it just to see people's demos and WIPs. So being able to see at a glance which ones I can view would be great!
    Mac OS XUnity
  • cyberealitycybereality Posts: 26,156 Oculus Staff
    Having an OS feature is a great idea.

    Revision history could also be important.

    I will make sure to, ermm..., share this with the team.
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  • Sharing is good :D Thanks for considering these ideas!

    W.r.t. what AdamsImmersive said, I personally find it very frustrating when great looking demos are produced in Unity but only have Windows versions available for download. This is obviously a personal choice on the part of the developer but I wouldn't object if there was a way to encourage more devs to export Mac and Linux versions too. Maybe a polite and gentle reminder when submitting their assets?

    As a logical extension of a visible revision history, you could perhaps record which version of an app was last downloaded by a registered user and proactively notify them when a new version was made available. 8-)
  • AdamsImmersiveAdamsImmersive Posts: 166
    Hiro Protagonist
    I try not to judge Windows users for that :D I can imagine myself hitting Build and leaving out the Linux users! Not on purpose, just not enough of a priority to turn it into action. (I really don't know how many people are Linux-only with no Mac or PC handy, but I can imagine their frustration with me!) So I don't think it's a "choice" so much as an oversight. Easily fixed, if they're on Unity!

    But Macs are far from rare, and very common in creative circles. Among game-players, they remain very much a minority--but a growing one, and big enough to get a lot of AAA titles. Also remember that for a time, Unity was Mac-only (even while it could build Windows executables) so the Unity community--which overlaps with the Oculus folks--has its share of Mac users still. Many of us do still have a PC around... but one old and neglected that can't really run modern stuff. Not worth maintaining two machines when only one gets heavy daily use.

    And many Mac users don't install Windows, either to save the license cost, to save using up drive space, or to avoid having to lock down a new attack vector. All three issues can be dealt with, but it's not always worth it to do so. (I only run a virtualized XP for browser-testing, myself. My ancient PC doesn't get touched anymore.) I might like to boot Windows 8 occasionally from an external drive (to save my SSD) but that's not well supported--nor cheap. And when you reboot to Windows you lose your usual apps and bookmarks--bad for the workflow!

    So I try to drop in a polite request in the forums to see a Mac version of certain titles--but not every one... don't want to become a pest :)
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  • drashdrash Posts: 2,849
    AdamsImmersive, you certainly present a great argument for why MacOSX builds should be released as much as possible! There's no good reason why a large potential audience should be ignored.

    In the interest of reaching out to those with a Mac (and Linux) that wonder why more demos aren't released for the Mac, I'd like to point out those that develop in Unity on Windows sometimes don't have a Mac (much less a modern Mac, for the same reason that many Mac users haven't got access to a modern Windows PC). And, as a developer that doesn't want to hear "it's not working for me", I personally don't feel comfortable just releasing a build out into the wild unless I'm able to first test it on the platform in question. In my case, I just happen to have a Mac Mini back from when I dabbled in iOS, but I don't imagine that's terribly common?

    Now with that said, it CAN be as simple as selecting MacOSX from a drop down and hitting Build, but not always. Sometimes games or apps have references to a third-party Windows DLL, and don't have access to the MacOSX-equivalent. Sure, this can be worked around by finding the MacOSX-equivalent libraries (which usually aren't available in a 1-1 form, which then requires time and effort to figure it out and support a two-headed monster), but then it comes back to the issue of needing to test it.

    All of the above also applies to Linux, but the problem is magnified, as so far it has appeared to be hit-and-miss with Linux builds -- there are different Linux distros out there and Unity typically has worked on some and not others. Then you have rendering quirks, fullscreen quirks, etc. And to separate out which are issues with the Linux distro in question, which are issues with Unity (and even then, Unity 4.2 vs older versions), and which are issues with the Oculus SDK is daunting for someone that does not have access to Linux (and wouldn't know where to start, or still needs to go to Fry's to get a new external HDD for Linux testing like me).

    So yes, there should be more MacOS demos but in some cases the reason there isn't one may be due to more than just simple oversight or "not caring about Mac/Linux users". Hope to see this change though!

    Anyway, to get back on topic:
    benmartz wrote:
    As a logical extension of a visible revision history, you could perhaps record which version of an app was last downloaded by a registered user and proactively notify them when a new version was made available.

    I totally agree -- notifications are probably the biggest benefit I get from RiftEnabled right now. I get email notifications when new apps are uploaded or existing ones are updated. Really helps me keep on top of things since they're moving so fast now.
  • AdamsImmersiveAdamsImmersive Posts: 166
    Hiro Protagonist
    Absolutely--when DLLs are needed, cross-platform development doesn't make sense (at first at least). And I don't expect someone without a Mac to support their Mac build... it probably works, but if not, I know their hands are a bit tied! Same as when I'll soon release an untested early Windows build and cross my fingers :)

    But back to Share... I'd just like to see more of the stuff I find here also show up there :)
    Mac OS XUnity
  • RuudscornerRuudscorner Posts: 442
    I know I don't want to release to a platform I cannot test on myself, so I can easily see why some demos and games aren't released to all platforms even though it are easy to do so.
  • I agree with AdamsImmersive, that Mac builds would be great, but users should understand that a dev may not be able to test /maintain that build themselves.

    Personally I'm a Windows user, but here at work (where I have my only access to an Oculus) I'm on a Mac so I keep missing out on some really awesome demos! D:
    Seeing is believing
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