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Steam VR causing rift lag?

phillyd023phillyd023 Posts: 147
So I am starting to notice that when playing games on Rift through Steam, occasionally the rift seems to lag very badly ..... and sometimes it doesn't.

Anyone have this? think it is a rift issue or a steam vr issue?


  • nalex66nalex66 Posts: 5,405 Volunteer Moderator
    A few other members have reported similar issues, but it doesn't seem to be universal. I haven't personally had a performance difference between SteamVR titles and OH games. 
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  • StreetPreacherStreetPreacher Posts: 232
    Nexus 6
    I add any Rift games to Steam as 'non steam games' and launch them from Steam (so my steam friends can see what I'm praying) they seem to run worse than if you don't launch them from my  Steam library list.

    it just sucks because it'd be nice to be able to launch any game from steam...
  • neddycgoonneddycgoon Posts: 50
    Brain Burst
    Could just be a software issue depending on what you are running.I was getting lag with Raw Data until I messed with the video settings ingame now it runs sweet.
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