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Lucky's Tale - Xbox Controller Issue

digitalkibbledigitalkibble Posts: 17
edited January 2017 in Support
For some reason, the L/R Triggers on the Xbox One controller no longer work/register inside of Lucky's Tale.  

I've tried taking out the battery while in-game and then re-inserting and turning the controller back on to no avail.  As a test, I loaded up The Climb and proceeded to use the L/R Triggers flawlessly in that game.  

The issue just seems to be with Lucky's Tale.

The only thing worth mentioning, that I can think of as a potential culprit, is the fact that when I first played Lucky's Tale (triggers working) I was using Windows 7...  However, after seeing that ASW wasn't supported in Win7, I decided to finally pull the trigger and upgraded to Windows 10.  Some googling revealed strange issues with the Xbox controller and Windows 10 updates.. so not sure, they were kind of dated (the forum threads I was reading).

Anyone else run into this particular issue?  Also, I should note that within Lucky's Tale, all the other controller buttons that are applicable to the game, work, just not the L/R Triggers.  I wanna be able to get those buried coins :D Muuuust belly smash once more... haaalp.


  • digitalkibbledigitalkibble Posts: 17
    Okay, after some more digging - fixed the issue, will outline what steps I took here in case anyone else stumbles upon the same problem.

    Basically, the default Windows 10 driver installed for the controller was not fully compatible.  So the fix involved a few steps:

    1) I had to download Xbox Accessories app from the Microsoft Store.
    2) Load the app.  Wait until it asks to connect a controller.
    3) Plug in my Wireless controller to my PC via a Micro-USB cable connector.  Once it was detected, it recommended an update.  This is what fixed the issue for me.

    Now in Device Manager instead of some generic XINPUT HID Compliant device, it's now listed correctly as Xbox One Wireless Controller - which restored full functionality to Lucky's Tale.  Yay.

    So I think somewhere in between installing and playing everything on Win7 and then upgrading to Win10 and having auto-update install generic drivers for the controller is where things went off-path.  It's a little strange to have to PLUG IN the wireless controller in order to receive the update, but that is what I arrived at.

    Hope this helps someone.  :)

  • oldgamergazzaoldgamergazza Posts: 67
    Hiro Protagonist
    Thanks, it helped me
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